18 Dead Migrants found in a Truck Yesterday, the Investigation Continues in Bulgaria

dead migrants found in a truck yesterday, the investigation continues in bulgaria

dead migrants found in a truck yesterday, the investigation continues in bulgaria

Last updated on February 20th, 2023 at 06:05 am

Various addresses in Bulgaria were searched last night by police officers and investigators in connection with the discovery of 18 dead illegal migrants in a truck near the Sofia village of Lokorsko.

5 people have been taken to the police so far. Investigations continue today too.

Police and investigators were roaming around the country searching, don’t know how many operations were done in the last nights. It is still unclear who drove the cargo truck in which the illegal immigrants were discovered abandoned near the village of Lukorsko.

As a result of the lack of air in the cargo area of the vehicle, 18 refugees were found dead.

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Director of the National Investigation Service- Borislav Sarafov expressed their view, According to their data, several passengers in the truck suffocated – 18 corpses and 34 surviving Afghan citizens.

Chief Commissioner Atanas Ilkov, director of the National Police General Directorate, explained that some of those taken by the police had criminal records.

“There is enough reason to believe that these persons were complicit in the act connected to the trafficking activity. One of them is in several pre-trial proceedings.”

Various addresses in Bulgaria will continue to be searched today.

Police and investigators will determine who drove the truck in which the illegal immigrants died. Suffocation is being told behind the death. And the driver of a truck with more than 50 illegal immigrants abandoned the truck near the village of Lukorskoe, and 18 people died of suffocation.

Injured migrants in the “Pirogov” hospital reported a peaceful night.

Four others, together with a minor boy, are in the toxicology department of “Pirogov” and their condition is improving.

As a result of prolonged immobilization, migrants at “Pirogov” have muscle damage, the health facility said.

34 expatriates are being held in hospitals in the capital, including St. Anna Hospital, Military Medical Academy, ISUL, Tokuda and Ministry of the Interior hospitals.

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