152 Sri Lankans return home out of nearly 300 rescued in Vietnam

sri lanka 152 sri lankans rescued at sea off vietnam repatriated

sri lanka 152 sri lankans rescued at sea off vietnam repatriated

The international organization and Sri Lanka’s government helped people in returning 152 people, to bring back home. On November 8th, 302 people were rescued from the sea near Vietnam when the boat capsized.

But now, on 27th December they returned to Sri Lanka by a flight from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Many reports said that now the CID- criminal Investigation Department would take the statements of people who returned to Sri Lanka and then send them to their houses.

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IOM’s response to this came from the repatriation of Sri Lankan people.

Chief of Mission to IOM Sri Lanka and Maldives Sarat Dash said during addressing the nation that, This problem of irregular migration needs a multi-agency approach. 

IOM shows its humble response to the Ministry of External Affairs. They said because they helped in this process so this transfer of people had done easily. This is a good example of the coordination between the government of Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

The Ministry of External Affairs with the help of the Sri Lanka Navy and coordination with the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam did this operation successfully. 

IOM also said over the last few months they ensured with the help of the embassy in Vietnam that migrants are getting proper food, shelter, and basic needs.

In collaboration with IOM Vietnam, a team of representatives from the Security Unit of IOM Sri Lanka traveled to Vietnam for the security of all rescued migrants. IOM provided USD 600,000 to fulfill all the basic needs of the migrants. 

So, this is a thankful act of IOM and an appreciable model of coordination between the governments of Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

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