15 Unspoken Office Etiquette Rules For Employees

15 Unspoken Office Etiquette Rules For Employees

15 Unspoken Office Etiquette Rules For Employees

Everyone loves to be praised in their workplace for their productivity and work, but other than your work, an employee’s etiquette plays a very significant role in shaping their identity in the office. Employees get an advantage from respecting their co-worker’s time, space, and energy. Following the office etiquette helps the employees to collaborate, build a sense of community, and also enhances the culture of the office, which can enhance the overall productivity. But not every etiquette rule is written; some etiquette should be known by the employees themselves. We are here with 15 unspoken office etiquette rules for employees.

15 Office Etiquette Rules

1) Value Time 

Time is very precious, and everyone wants to feel that his/her time is being valued. In the workplace, with clients, or for a deadline, punctuality shows your commitment and respect to the other person’s time. You missing the deadline may affect your entire team.

2) If possible, gossiping is to be avoided.

Gossip is a waste of a great amount of time and tends to destroy the work atmosphere. It makes a person lose concentration in work and hence decreases productivity. Misunderstandings are created between employees, and an uncomfortable atmosphere is built for the other employees. So be careful about what you say and whom you say it to; how you act reflects your character.

3) Be familiar with the workplace.

Knowing how to follow the unwritten rules in the office is essential for a professional and amiable working atmosphere. Observe your workplace to know what’s appropriate. Startups, for example, are mostly giving leeway to the dress code; however, corporate jobs require more professional attire.

4) Clean up your mess.

Maintaining cleanliness and neatness in your workspace is proper office etiquette, which most people forget. A messy desk will result in a distraction to your colleagues, making one become rated as one who does not care about the common office space. It doesn’t solely affect you but your whole crew also. Trash disposal of the food waste and cleaning up yourself is mere courtesy.

5) Respect others’ preferences.

Respecting others’ preferences is another very important part of office etiquette. Everyone will have their own type of work style, so it’s wiser to keep that in mind in an open office. Some like loud music, while others prefer complete silence. So if you want to listen to music or podcasts, then use headphones or move to a cubicle, depending on any option available.

6)Be Professional

One of the essential aspects of office etiquette for a positive and productive work environment is being professional. Since you will be spending time with your colleagues every day, it will be very obvious that you will develop a personal relationship with them. However, that shouldn’t get so personal that you end up sharing confidential information or poking your nose into others’ personal matters. Also, the mail should be formal and short while sending.

7) Introduce other people

If you have been around for some time, most of your colleagues will be known to you. While introducing a person to others, be always courteous and put them at ease.

8) To Switch Off Phones

It is difficult to switch off our smartphones, but it turned out to be crucial to switch off your phones to stay focused during meetings, as it depicts how much our boss and fellow colleagues are valued by us. It projects you as not being attentive, and that looks bad for your company in front of a client. Thus, the best option while in meetings and during critical matters is to at least turn off the mobile phone or turn it to silent mode.

9) Keep Your Voice to Yourself

When you are on the phone, your colleagues don’t require knowing what it is about. Avoid yelling or raising your voice at your workplace during any call conversation. Keep calm to avoid disturbing others around you.

10)Dress Appropriately

This is the most important factor in office etiquette. When people look at you, the very first thing they observe is what you are wearing. The dress code differs from one industry to another. In almost all the fields, there is no need for over-causal and exaggerated attire. Just take a cue from what your coworker has worn to work, and you can dress accordingly.

11) Show sincere interest

We all have a million thoughts running wild in our heads, such as checking off tasks, worrying about deadlines, and even remembering errands. When we talk to colleagues or clients, we find ourselves desiring that they’d talk faster so we can move on. However, it does show to the other person when you really are listening. So while talking to people, focus totally on them—establish eye contact and ask questions that come from the mind to show you are engaged.

12) Eye on Presenters during Meetings and Presentations

Attention and focus during meetings and presentations are a very essential part of office etiquette. To show that you are listening in meetings, make eye contact with others; see how you sit or stand. Off your phone if possible out of sight.

13)Speak Professionally

While talking about the rules of conduct for the office, how you talk at the workspace is very important. Avoid slang lexicons and non-professional tone of speech. Instead, speak with respect and caution. Carefully select the words and ensure a tone that can be said to be at best polite. Do not speak too loudly in the case of open office space. Talking clearly and in a professional tone at work will make the colleagues and supervisors take you seriously.

14) Be respectful to all your peers.

Be pleasant and courteous to all your fellow colleagues and friends at the job, irrespective of their position. This shows respect and courtesy to your colleagues.

15) Less of strong-smelling perfumes

Avoid applying too much of a strong-smelling perfume, cologne, or lotion. Strong perfumes and lotions can cause headaches or allergic reactions to fellow workers.

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