Should Climate Protesters Be Punished As Common Offenders?

Should Climate Protesters Be Punished As Common Offenders?

Climate change is one of the most concerning issues for the whole world today. Climate change is concerning because it leads to rising sea levels, extreme weather, and damage to agriculture and ecosystems, which can cause harm to humans, plants, and animals. To highlight any connecting issue, people do protest so that the concerned issue can be addressed and resolved. Climate Change protesters across the world protest for the well-being of the environment and to preserve the planet. The objective of climate change protests is to address urgent environmental issues. Protests are a good move until they are done with civil obedience and are in public order. Protestors should not be punished as common offenders until and unless their aim is to bring positive change and they are protesting without causing civil disobedience and their protests are in public order. The aim of protesting is to bring in notice regarding crucial issues but at the same time prevent causing harm to the peace and security of others. In conclusion, climate protestors should not be punished as common offenders because their aim is to highlight concerning climate issues and address environmental issues.

Protesters spraying orange paint on Stonehenge

On Wednesday, a video posted by Just Stop Oil showed two activists spraying Stonehenge with fire extinguishers. The group took to their social media account ‘X’ stating that “The protesters of Just Stop Oil demanded the new government sign up a legally binding treaty to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.” The incident took place around 12 PM local time at the ancient site near Salisbury in the Southwest of England, Wiltshire. On Thursday, the police said in a statement, “The two activists were arrested on the suspicion of criminal damage, deterring a person from engaging in a lawful activity and damaging an ancient monument.” The police also stated that the activists have been released from jail on bail and further inquiries are pending. Number of stones at Stonehenge were coloured with orange powdered paint. The activists were a 73 year old man from Birmingham and a 21 year old student from Oxford.

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Spray-painting private jets at London airport.

On Thursday, two climate protesters were arrested for cutting through a fence at an airport in London and spray painting private jets with orange colour. Essex police have stated that two women were arrested in a private area of London Stansted Airport for suspected criminal damage and interfering with the country’s infrastructure. A video was shared by Just Stop Oil showing someone cutting a security fence and a woman using a fire extinguisher and two spray orange paints on two private jets. According to Just Stop Oil, the airfield was where a private jet of Taylor Swift was parked, but as per Essex police, the singer’s aircraft was not at the airport. The arrests of protestors come a day after two activists were arrested for spraying orange paint on Stonehenge.

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