Russia and North Korea Sign Shocking Military Alliance Pact

Russia and North Korea Sign Shocking Military Alliance Pact

Russia and North Korea Sign Shocking Military Alliance Pact

Russia and North Korea have recently concluded a new treaty according to which both sides will deliver any type of military help to each other in case of an armed attack. This has a history of enhancing a mutual defense agreement that was signed between the two countries in the year 1961 but was dissolved in the year 1990. 

The agreement designates a ‘strategic partnership in all spheres’ and was inked during Putin’s first official visit to North Korea in less than two and a quarter decades. It is one of the most visible foreign policy activities that Russia has conducted in Asia in recent years.

Each country’s stance on the other

The text of the agreement states: ‘’If either of the parties is involved in an armed invasion and is in a state of war, the other side should promptly provide all possible means of military and other assistance’’. The principle is anchored on Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter specifically Article 51 which establishes the right to self-defense.

Those leaders wrapped up their escalating cooperation in the rush to fight with the “hegemonic and imperialism policies” to focus on the opposition of the United States of America and its support of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

Increasing International Isolation

Recent global happenings make both Russia and North Korea to be among the states that are most isolated globally. Russia will suffer serious consequences caused by sanctions regarding its aggression towards Ukraine, whereas North Korea has been under sanctions for quite a long time because of manufacturing nuclear weapons.

As the relations continue to improve, powerful countries such as the U.S. and its allies, South Korea, and the Japanese are beginning to question of possible military alliance between Russia and North Korea. It has been accused that it has been supplying weapons to the two nations and they have been doing the same to it in violation of law; however, they have denied these allegations.

Global Backlash and Concern

The new pact has drawn criticism and concern from various nations: The new pact has drawn criticism and concern from various nations:

Ukraine: A presidential aide opined that through this alliance, Russia has pretty much rendered all the sanctions that have been set on North Korea useless to the extent of dashing the dream of putting a stop to its nuclear program.

NATO: The president of NATO has a negative view regarding this pact and defines it as an affiliation of authoritarian countries.  

Japan: Japan raised a censure of ‘gravely concerned’ over Putin’s remark on the possibility of military technology cooperation with North Korea.

South Korea and the U. S. have refrained from stating what they said during the negotiation of the said deal.

Deepening Russia-North Korea Relations

In his meeting, Putin appreciated the support of Kim Jong Un as well as Russia’s policies, such as the war in Ukraine. Kim for his part restated his stance on the fact that North Korea fully supports Russia’s actions unconditionally.

It also annexes the cooperation in other measures like nuclear energy, space exploration, food, and energy security – which strengthens the tie between the two isolated countries.

Albeit the aforementioned pledge may be seen as resembling the 1961 Soviet–North Korean treaty, some specialists also remark several factors that can be explained by mentioning such a reference to each country’s laws with the participation of Moscow and Pyongyang: it is not entirely clear if the states have created a complete military alliance.

While the global community demands answers to the unprovoked attack on Ukraine by Russia and the nuclear actions of North Korea, such a partnership suggests a steepening trend of solidarity by nations that have been pressured and punished by the rest of the world.

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