UAE-Various concerns in the Shadow Report 2023 by the Human Right Organizations

13 human rights organizations raise various concerns in a shadow report for upr checkout

13 human rights organizations raise various concerns in a shadow report for upr checkout

Last updated on March 14th, 2023 at 05:35 am

On this Tuesday 13 human rights organizations raise various concerns in a shadow report for the 43rd UPR which is going to happen in May 2023. Several experts and specialists from different NGOs across the world, including Christine Mirre, Nigel Goodrich- CEO of IMPAC, and Dr. Eric Gozian from the International Council for Diplomacy and Dialogue shared its view.

An exclusive video with 18-moto highlighting the UAE’s concern for women, children, and education, equality of persons with disabilities, and others, highlights the emirate’s growing importance at the event.

On the promotion and protection of human rights. significant progress made by The country came into the limelight for many human rights The event which started at 16:00 CE may have lasted for 2 hours but will surely give the energy to make a big difference.

What are the centers of concern Shadow Report 2023?

The center that NGOs shed light on was “equality and safety of women”, “sustainable development”, “cultural harmony”  etc. Let’s focus on- “half of the population – WOMEN”

Equality and Safety of women in UAE

Dr. Manel Msalmi -who is Candidate MR aux élévisions regionales de Bruxelles , President FamesMRBXL Ville , President EADM .She spoke strongly on women’s equality, justice, and UAE’s work and her speech focused on change and progress and what can be done shortly.

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She highlighted the UAE’s ranking of 24 out of 170 in the GIWPS report in the field of women’s safety. After that Christine Marrie and others also shared their concern about it.

Though Women’s rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates. 

It Assures equality and affirms their fundamental rights. The first periodic report was submitted in 2008 and the UAE acceded to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women in 2004.

The country also submitted its combined “second and third” national reports to strengthen its international commitments to empower women.

In 2022, it submitted its fourth report to the relevant committee, which was strengthened, Fulfilling its international commitments to women through partnership and focus. Served on the UN Women Executive Council from 2013-2015 and 2016-2018

UAE attaches great importance to women’s rights and is committed to fulfilling them. It is learning to strengthen its international obligations. Legislative and institutional framework for women’s empowerment and leadership.

The Council of Ministers approved the formation of the, Aiming for gender balance, Emirates Council for Gender Balance” Bringing the gap closer According to the United Nations Development Program’s report

By 2020, the UAE is ranked 18th in the world and first in the Arab world in terms of gender equality. Discrimination has been eliminated by state policy and law. Over the past decade, the UAE has made important reforms in this area.

As part of its efforts to combat discrimination, the state has strengthened its legal system. Against women and domestic violence, as well as criminalizing sexual harassment

According to the World Bank’s “Women, Business, and the Law” report, The country’s overall index rose to 82.5 points out of 100 for 2021

Following the 2012 Cabinet Resolution, the UAE published. In addition, it established institutions to represent women on government boards.

The “National Strategic Plan for Motherhood and Childhood” 2017-2021 and the “National Strategy for Women’s Empowerment and Leadership” 2015-2021. There are 30% of women in ministerial positions, 50% in the Federal National Council, 50% on the diplomatic staff, and 66% in the public sector. 30% of the jobs are in decision-making positions

These are the basic highlights about women and security in UAE and the energetic session organized by 13 NGOs highlighted and applauded UAE for work in the field of women and education. Now our eyes are on the 43rd UPR convention to be held in May 2023!

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