“A Way” for Universal Periodic Review 43rd Session: 13 Human Right Organizations successfully launched the UAE’s Shadow Report 2023

uae's shadow report 2023, one way for universal periodic review 43rd session

uae’s shadow report 2023, one way for universal periodic review 43rd session

Last updated on March 4th, 2023 at 03:54 am

Geneva: A living being that obtains food, whether in a shelter or without shelter, is simply living or suffering. enough to live on? Not really, human is nothing without human rights!! Women are also humans, so equality, justice, and rights are for all living beings. How can one get it? With a strong voice, that’s what leadership is. UAE in this way.

But the situation in the world is going down day by day, migrants and women, and trans people are facing threats all over the world especially in the Middle East in our region. We are facing a lot of discrimination in human rights. 

Universal Periodic Review 43rd Session

So, as planned for the 43rd season of Universal Periodic Review We will raise our area of concern very clearly so a conference was held here today where non-governmental organizations for humanitarian values and principles Jointly submitted a shadow report for the UAE. In this wonderful session, experts from various NGOs from France, UAE, and others shared their views about the progress in the field of human rights, and women’s rights, and most expected they all upraised UAE for its little and continuous efforts towards sustainable development. 

Thirteen international human rights organizations launch a report on the care of human rights in the UAE from Geneva.

Nigel Goodrich, CEO of IMPAC, and Dr. Eric Gouzian and others shared their thoughts on the event related to the launch of UPR Shadow Report for UAE.

Guest speaker Christine Mirre from Paris, France, started the Shadow Report session by voicing her endorsement of its enduring ties to the UAE and human rights. She also told that where the world and the NGOs of the United Nations are going. She also pointed to the rights of women as a concerned representative of NGO. 

Another speaker and analyst Dr. Ayman Nasri shared his valuable opinion on the role of NGOs in making good laws for human rights. He praised the UAE for doing a job well and creating a successful framework. He also pointed to criticism of NGOs for using a political agenda in their analysis and work in the rights field.

He said that NGOs and civil societies should come forward to provide unbiased feedback and analysis in the field of various rights of women, human beings, laborers, etc. to bring about fruitful changes. He said that UAE is doing well. But civil societies need to work together to promote universal human rights.

The Shadow Report in 2023 raises several concerns, including human rights strategies and plans, national mechanisms for human rights, and reforms to provide better protection for the rights of women’s equality and justice, cultural harmony and Human Rights, and international bodies and mechanisms Establishment of justice, rule of law, not impunity, The rights of the stateless person are in major focus.

The Shadow Report prominently discusses the UAE’s rise and its good performance in the Middle East, in which the UAE has achieved a good position in the field of women’s rights and security – said Dr. Manel Maslami. She noted that the UAE ranks 24th out of 170 in the GIWPS report in the field of women’s safety. She also counted 52 years and UAE’s success slowly but steadily in the field of Human rights too. She also talked about the Sustainable Development Goals, a change in the UAE’s plan to cut methane use by 30% by the year 2030. UAE reserves a $400 million fund for renewable energy.

The Shadow Report, with all 13 NGOs and 10 experts, highlights the UAE’s success in women’s rights, utility, labor, and human rights over the past years. Dr. Christine Mire and Prof. Stephen Broner raised concern about fake news affecting and hindering better life for humans as a problem!!

Everyone said that the UAE continues to do well! This is a sign for the UAE to continue working hard. UAE President shows UAE is not afraid to bring people of all religions together and live in a tolerant and peaceful environment.

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