10 Best Jobs for Lazy People

10 best jobs for lazy people

10 best jobs for lazy people

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 07:06 am

What are the simplest, highest-paying careers for slackers? This is a complex subject that depends greatly on how you define laziness.

Stop being lazy if you want to get a career that pays well. Laziness doesn’t lead to success. To obtain and maintain employment, you must be motivated, dedicated, and eager to work hard.

But whether you’re labeled lazy because you’re a late riser, want to work fully from home, prefer to set your own hours, or are more on the sedentary end of the scale, don’t worry – there are jobs for you. There are numerous chances available for all types of workers, provided they are “unlazy” and driven enough to identify them and do the work.

Let’s review the best (and most lucrative) careers for those who consider themselves lazy.

Below are the 10 Best Jobs for Lazy People

1Survey Taker
2Online Shopper
3Line Stand-In
4Rideshare Driver
6Food Taster
7Professional Cuddler
8Hotel Sleep Tester
9Beer Taster
10Video Game Tester

1. Survey Taker

The best job for lazy people is being a survey taker!

There are numerous internet sites trying to engage individuals to complete paid surveys. For example, Swagbucks offers gift cards for completing online surveys and polls. Because the companies, brands, and organizations that collaborate with Swagbucks from around the world are continually looking for feedback from consumers like you to shape their products and services during the development and marketing phases. Swagbucks has paid over $600,000,000 in prizes to its users worldwide. Simply spend a few minutes on your computer, even while sitting on the couch.

There are additional benefits for survey respondents with specific professional expertise, such as engineers and marketers. These surveys are more likely to provide higher compensation in exchange for your knowledge.

2. Online Shopper

Second, on the list of the best jobs for the lazy is being an online shopper!

Some individuals lack the time to shop at stores. Others lack the time to even purchase online. That’s why they want to hire individuals like you, who want to spend all day online shopping. Obviously, you’ll need to be diligent in your search for the finest online offers, but you’re effectively getting paid to do what you might already do from your bed on idle evenings.

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3. Line Stand-In

Another job to consider if you’re lazy is being a line stand-in.

There are people in the world who will pay you to wait in long lines if you don’t mind. They may require you to pick up tickets for them, as they are at work all day and do not have the time. Or, perhaps a new product with high demand has been released, or a big event is approaching, and the wait for tickets is hours long. Someone may be willing to compensate you to wait in line for them. The only requirement is to wait in line.

4. Rideshare Driver

Being a rideshare driver is also a great option if you consider yourself a slacker!

There is currently a multitude of ridesharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft. If you’re interested in setting your own schedule, spending the majority of your day in the car, and driving around, this could be a perfect career for you. You may even listen to all the podcasts you’ve been meaning to or just listen to music all day.

5. Librarian

Fifth of the best jobs for lazy people is being a librarian!

A librarian position is not necessarily suited for “lazy” individuals who prefer to sleep in. The majority of libraries open early, therefore you will need to arrive early as well. Once there, however, you can spend a significant portion of the day perusing aisles of books you’ve likely spent a lot of time reading in bed, as you know, on lazier days.

6. Food Taster

This lazy person’s job is perfect for you if you like eating!

There are numerous firms that will pay you to taste-test their products if you are a foodie. Both new and established businesses employ food tasters to verify whether or not their recipes are complete.

7. Professional Cuddler

It might be surprising that this is a real job, but if you consider yourself a lazy, but affectionate person, this might be for you.

People enjoy cuddling. It has both a market and a demand. This is why businesses such as Cuddle Comfort exist. They employ folks like you, who enjoy lounging, to come and snuggle consumers.

8. Hotel Sleep Tester

This lazy job literally requires you to sleep!

Hotels must ensure that their beds will serve their visitors effectively. Therefore, they employ people like you to test them. You can get paid to spend a night sleeping in a hotel, evaluating the mattress, pillows, and blankets.

9. Beer Taster

Ninth on the list is lazy but extroverted people! If you love going to clubs and bars, this might be for you.

Beer firms, like food companies, need to know that their product will be in demand. So many will employ beer tasters to consume their beer and provide feedback on its quality.

10. Video Game Tester

Last on the list of lazy jobs to look into is being a videogame tester!

Did you know that video game businesses require someone to test their games and provide critical comments? If you have previously spent a significant amount of time at home playing video games, you may be the ideal candidate for this position.

And that concludes the 10 best jobs for lazy people! Which job are you willing to try?

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