Will Biden be able to restore America’s standing and recognize worldwide human rights issues?


Will Biden be able to restore America’s standing and recognize worldwide human rights issues?

A huge number of US voters are going to the polling booth to decide whether to revote President Donald Trump, for the following four years or remove him for his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden. However, if Biden wins, will he be able to restore America’s standing, or recognizes the worldwide human rights issue which the Trump Administration ignored?

President Trump has efficiently obliterated the United States’ worldwide standing as a model of a democratic society as the racial retribution, the Black Lives Matter protest, and flaws of the Trump Administration that had been worldwide criticized. 

President Trump’s refusal to recognize racism in America and acknowledge the Black Lives Matter protest has amplified racial discrimination and atrocities.

Rather, the president has insulted the peaceful protestors, praised the police department for their outstanding job, maligned the free press; by calling reporters and a few reputed news channels ‘fake news’.

Donald Trump stated last year that his rhetoric unites people in the wake of mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, though the Democrats condemn him for his bigoted comments. His comments and tweets add to destructive domestic racial violence.

In 2019, When Trump was asked by the media concerning the developing criticism over his rhetoric about immigrants and Mexicans, the President said, his talk isn’t problematic rather it “unites people.”

Recently, Trump has undermined the public trust in mail-in ballots and expressed doubt concerning the following week’s political race results. As per critics, under the Trump Administration, the United States has been missing in securing the democracy and basic human rights of citizens.

According to the Amnesty International reports, The US government has comprehensively disengaged from the international human rights policy, including the abandoning of its association with the UN Human Rights Council and lessening its financial commitments to the UN in 2018. The policies adopted by the Trump administration were targeted towards checking the refugees from Mexico and Muslim minority nations, stated Amnesty.

However, if Biden wins in November; he has promised to roll back the Trump administration’s environmental regulations, public healthcare, and insurance, including his inversion of protection for transgender people, human rights as well as the coronavirus crisis. 

Trump has asserted that if Biden is elected, would be indebted to the policy recommendations of more reformist Democrats who are pushing for an administration takeover of U.S. medical care and a Green New Deal to control environmental change. 

The 2020 presidential race is coming after a malicious and quarrelsome battle, with both Trump and Biden throwing fiery insults at each other that either one is unfit to become the next US president.

Article Credit: VOA News/ Business Insider/ Amnesty International/ The Guardian/ VOX

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