Things to avoid doing while trying to achieve Work Life Balance


why some people could easily adapt to the change while others were having a relatively tougher time dealing with the crisis and giving work their equal and undivided attention.

Last updated on November 4th, 2020 at 10:55 am

The coronavirus pandemic has shortly changed the way we all have been leading our lives. For some it might have helped to achieve that perfect balance between work and their daily lifestyle while for others it has completely disrupted the way they lead their life.

But why some people could easily adapt to the change while others were having a relatively tougher time dealing with the crisis and giving work their equal and undivided attention. Well, there are a few reasons why certain people  try harder than others to figure out a perfect coordination between personal and professional life. Let’s have a look at a few-

  1. Trying too hard: There is no doubt that hard work is very important and is widely appreciated by the employer but we all know that there is a limit to everything. Sometimes in trying to achieve anything, we tend to try so hard that we lose the satisfaction of it all. Remembering that one of the most essential elements of a perfect work life balance is being content and satisfied with your work. If not, then it is obvious that you will not be able to be happy in what you’re doing, Hence, instead of trying too hard to strike the perfect balance, believing in yourself and your work is extremely necessary.
  1. Criticism: Even before the lockdown or work from home activity started, people were extremely hard on themselves to perfect their work but during this period, it has only increased. Any failure or discouragement takes a toll on people and keeps them thinking continuously as to where they went wrong, It should not be the case. Even though criticism is extremely important, one must understand that criticising yourself to the point that it disrupts your thinking pattern can be vd that is harmful.
  2. Physical activity: Nothing should top your health. Working from home, continuously looking at the screen, straining your eyes to the point that your head starts aching are the few things that take a toll on your body. But to make sure that even if you are working for hours without stopping or taking rest, you must do a physical activity or spend time working on yourself to keep your energy intact and mind fresh.
  3. Being result centric: Being result oriented, generally, is beneficial but only and only keeping result in mind is hazardous for you. It might bring you the favourable outcome but will take a heavy toll on your being. So avoiding such extreme measures is necessary to keep your mind actively functioning during this time.

Apart from all of these things, one should also not miss a good night’s sleep. Sleep is actually as important as these factors and in fact one of the determining factors of how fresh and active you feel throughout the day. So to attain that no stressed balance between work and life, finish your sleep and wake up fresh for a fresh start in the morning.

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