Which 5 countries have the best employment laws

countries have the best employment laws

countries have the best employment laws

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 11:50 am

Worker rights are the most controversial, yet the most basic form of human rights that each worker deserves. Each country around the globe has a set of rights that are offered to workers employed under that jurisdiction. Rights range from the right to hold protest, form and participate in unions, due pay, overtime pay and right to work in safe conditions.

Here we have compiled a list of five countries that have the best employment laws from point of view of the employees.

1) Austria

Despite not having a standard minimum wage law, Austria does provide minimum wage to employees in sectors like education. Austria offers 43 days off from work (and that does not include the parental leave!). Furthermore, the European country offers most inclusive employment for the disabled people.

2) Belgium

Having no minimum wage, each sector in Belgium decides the minimum wage for each worker. When compared to fellow European nations, Belgium offers the highest wages to its employees.

The country, however, can increase number of parental leaves offered which is less in comparison to many other European countries.

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3) Denmark

Denmark does not allow, by law, any discrimination while hiring specific workers or in terminating the contracts just because they are part of trade unions.

4) Finland

Finland is known for its pro-employee laws. The workers are entitled to 105 weekdays of paid maternity leave and 54 days of paid paternity leave. Now a new law will allow 164 days of paid parental leave, effective from 2021.

Furthermore, the freedom given to workers in Finland is very attractive where they are given right to form and join trade unions.

5) Germany

The European country is amongst the ones offering best minimum wage – EUR 9.35 per hour. The duration of combined parental leave of mother and father is such that they can take care of child until age of three through balancing out their leaves.

This list must be very intriguing and might have caught many by surprise. How are the employment laws in your country. Join the conversation and comment in section below.

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