‘We are here to steal your workers’: Londoners to be offered new life Down Under

‘we are here to steal your workers’ londoners to be offered new life down under

‘we are here to steal your workers’ londoners to be offered new life down under

Last updated on February 17th, 2023 at 11:39 am

To solve a shortage of key workers in Australia they are doing something different. Australians are flocking to London to address key staff shortages in Australia. They want to take back the British.

In Western Australia, government officials are targeting teachers, police officers, nurses, and doctors because of a booming economy that has left over 30,000 job vacancies.

On February 25, Paul Papalia, the police, and defense industry minister will lead a delegation to the UK to steal workers.

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A wave of strikes has ravaged Britain over the past few months, closing schools and forcing healthcare workers off wards in the biggest economic downturn in a generation.

The prospect of a better-paid life in a sunnier climate may be an easy sell when double-digit inflation persists and high energy bills leave the cost-of-living crisis in full swing. Through simplified visa arrangements, the free trade agreement between the UK and Australia after Brexit could also help.

The Aussies are about to land in the UK – and with just 3.9 millimeters of rain a month, and 2 hours of sunshine, their average daytime temperature is 6.3 degrees Celsius – very different from Perth’s enviable 3200 hours of sunshine a year! Jobs fairs will be held across the nation, from London to Edinburgh, Bristol, and Dublin. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all this opportunity – after all, our ancestors were sent here as convicts! Now it would be criminal not to make the move!

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London has a long history of welcoming newcomers and tradespeople to its bustling streets. But recently, the city is facing a different kind of visitor: Australian employers, who are here to recruit workers for their businesses back home. With the promise of more money, better job prospects, and an exciting new lifestyle, many Londoners are tempted by the idea of a new life Down Under. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Australia is becoming such an attractive destination for Londoners and what it means for the UK’s workforce.

Australia’s offer of an exciting new life Down Under is not without its drawbacks, as many Londoners have noted. Nonetheless, with the prospect of a better job market and improved quality of life on offer, the appeal for those seeking a change remains strong. It may be that more workers will indeed make the move to take advantage of this opportunity to start afresh – but if they do, it comes at a price: leaving behind family and friends whom they may never see again.

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