The Healthiest Jobs: A Guide To Finding The Right Career For Your Health And Well-Being

healthiest jobs a guide to finding the right career for your health and well being

healthiest jobs a guide to finding the right career for your health and well being

Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 10:42 am

Are you looking for the perfect job that is not only good for your wallet but also for your health and well-being? This article is here to help guide you through the process of finding the right career path that will provide you with a sense of purpose and satisfaction. From physical health benefits to mental health benefits, discover which jobs are considered the ‘healthiest’ and why they may be suitable for you.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a healthier career and better work-life balance, both physically and mentally.

Here are the healthiest jobs on the market!

1. The professor

The average annual salary is $80,790

Since a university professor’s work environment involves little to no stress, you’ll generally feel more rested and have longer holidays than most other professions.

2. The florist

The average annual salary is $29,140

Putting together a bouquet for a life-changing moment, such as an engagement, or simply pruning flowers, allows the mind to switch off and relax.

Salary average: $40,510 per year

3. Instructor of yoga

To achieve the ultimate Zen, you need to become a yoga instructor. In addition to improving flexibility and core strength, you will also rid yourself of negativity if you teach meditation, relaxation, and yoga poses. This will help you maintain a healthy mind and body.

4. The employee of the government

The average annual salary is $62,140

With early finishes, more holiday allowances, higher pay, and good healthcare plans, government employees have more time to take care of their well-being.

5. The Gardener

The average annual salary is $32,220

A gardener is similar to a florist in that they are responsible for caring for plants, trees, and flowers. Gardeners have little to no stress as they deal with nature instead of fussy colleagues.

6. The data scientist

The average annual salary is $98,230

Since data scientists focus on analyzing data and drawing conclusions and answers to complex questions, their daily routine usually follows a similar pattern. Having less stress in their work-life means that data scientists have more time to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle outside of it.

7. Scientists working in the marine environment

The average annual salary is $85,290

A career as a marine scientist can be rewarding if you enjoy the sea and all it entails. Analyzing the interaction between the sea and land is calming for most professionals and gives them plenty of time outside of the office for personal interests.

8. Professionals in the allied health field

The average salary is $69,870 per year

Orthodontists, physical therapists, and chiropractors usually make routine appointments on a fixed schedule. This eliminates surprises and emergency visits, giving them time to work on their physical health outside of the office.

9. The nutritionist

The average annual salary is $63,090

Generally, nutritionists work in gyms and health centers, where they help clients eat a more balanced diet. In addition to helping others live a healthier lifestyle, they feel fulfilled and happy at work, naturally leading to a healthier mindset. 

10. Software engineer

The average annual salary is $110,140

While sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for your health, software engineering has been listed as one of the least stressful jobs since it doesn’t affect most workers’ mental states. Software engineers also benefit from several perks on the job because they work for a company that values a good work-life balance and offers excellent employee benefits.

11. The choreographer

The average annual salary is $43,680

Choreography allows you not only to be physically active but also to express yourself through movement and dancing. If you spend your days putting together dance routines, you’re likely to eat healthier too.

12. A dietitian

The average annual salary is $63,090

According to professional dietitians and personal trainers, 70% of weight loss is related to what you eat, which is why dietitians are so important.

13. Farmer 

The average annual salary is $68,090

Farming is a physically demanding job but also a healthy one for the mind and body. Because farmers maneuver heavy machinery and manage cattle, they spend a lot of time on their feet, lifting heavy objects, and walking, which naturally builds their strength and stamina.

14. Instructor of fitness

Salary average: $40,510 per year

Getting paid to stay fit is what’s better? As a fitness instructor, you’ll spend all day teaching fitness classes or guiding clients through one-on-one sessions on how to exercise and stick to a fitness regime. It’s okay to feel tired at the end of the day, but your body will appreciate a hard workout, and you can reward yourself with a well-deserved treat after burning all those calories.

15. The artist

Salary average: $49,120 per year

You’ll have plenty of free time to fit in some exercise or cook your favorite meal and socialize with friends and family, whether you’re an artist or a teacher.

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16. The writer 

The average annual salary is $67,120

Like artists, writing is a sedentary job, but it’s a profession where you can express yourself and get things off your chest. It’s also a job that offers a great work-life balance unless you’re pressed for time. In your free time, you can read your favorite books and expand your imagination to make your work better.

17. A massage therapist 

The average annual salary is $43,620

During your time as a massage therapist, you will relax and restore the health of your clients in a peaceful setting. Because of this, you should also feel calm and happy that you’re helping your clients, and once they leave your salon, you’ll feel satisfied that you’ve improved their mood.

18. Admin Assistant

Salary average: $40,990 per year

The administrative assistant generally works in an office setting, making telephone calls, organizing meetings, and responding to emails. Since you’re instructed on the day’s tasks, it’s not typically a stressful role. But you will also receive company perks and plenty of time to work out or walk to increase your step count.

19. Employees of small businesses

Salary average: varies

It is unlikely that a small business employee will have a long list of job duties, which will give them plenty of time to focus on their nutrition and health. You will also be able to maintain a social life, which will boost your mental health and improve your work-life balance.

20. Worker in the insurance industry

The average annual salary is $52,180

While you’ll need the gift of the gab to earn your commission in this role, you’ll generally find it easy to win over clients who are looking to purchase insurance. In addition to getting free or cheaper insurance for yourself, you will have plenty of time for healthy living outside of work hours.


It is not mandatory to have a physically demanding job to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You can still lead a healthy lifestyle if you have a job that doesn’t require too much brain power and that you enjoy.

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