Was among the top 25% of the NSF firefighter platoon and experienced fire at Henderson Road: Died

was among the top 25% of the nsf firefighter platoon and experienced fire at henderson road died

was among the top 25% of the nsf firefighter platoon and experienced fire at henderson road died

Was among the top 25% of the NSF firefighter platoon. He died after experiencing a fire at Henderson Road.

After battling a fire at a rental flat in Henderson Road National Servicemen died in December 2022. He was of 19 years old only. He was an officer of the Singapore Civil Defense Force and has some experience. According to one of his intern performances, he was placed in the top 25% of his group.

A mandatory prerequisite for NSF employees is the Personal Physical Proficiency Test and the Breathing Apparatus Proficiency Test. That young man, Sergeant (1) Edward H. Gow, had the skills of both. He had secured Gold on Individual Physical Proficiency Test and A on Breathing Apparatus Proficiency Test. Sergeant (1) Train from February to April 28 and enroll as a firefighter. He was posted at the Central Fire Station on 4 May.

On Monday in response to questions filed by Mr. Murali Pillai the Minister of State for Home Mohd Faisal Ibrahim said that Sergeant (1) Edward H. Gow also did well in his other mandatory courses. Since he was in Central Fire Station, he attended about 60 fire and rescue operations. 

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On December 8 at Henderson Road Block 91, who were firing in them 40% were national soldiers and the rest were regular officers.

After the SCDF was alerted around 11 a.m. then 22 emergency vehicles and 61 responders from six fire stations were sent immediately to the spot in Bukit Merah to settle down the fire on the fourth floor of that block. The vehicle reached the place after a delay of 18 minutes because of some blockage in the road. Officials had to remove the padlocked boulders on the ground near the tent to make the road accessible.

Sgt (1) Gow had fallen unconscious in the kitchen while fighting the fire in the flat. After then their team takes him to Singapore General Hospital. The hospital declared him dead.

At the time of responding, Dr. Faisal said that All the equipment used by the SCDF is certified by international standards. European standards and American National Fire Safety Association standards too. 

But in the end, it is a significant loss for the country!

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