Want to achieve a Work life balance? Let’s understand its components first!


In order to achieve a desirable balance of work and life, it is important to understand the intricacies of the entity ‘work-life balance’ and its components

Work life balance has become the most discussed aspect of one’s life, especially during current unprecedented pandemic situation as all professionals are at home working and trying to strike a balance between work and personal life.

But in order to achieve a desirable balance of work and life, it is important to understand the intricacies of the entity ‘work-life balance’ and its components. The important components of it are:

  1. Self-management:

The first step towards achieving a balance is being able to sufficiently able to manage one-self. This can be challenging, especially with aspects like getting enough sleep, nutrition and exercise. Self-management is the self-awareness of utilizing small sections and spaces of our daily routine effectively, while using available resources like time aptly.

  1. Time management:

This involves optimal use of time throughout the day. This is while keeping the resources and tasks at hand in sync. Time management is achieved by keeping in mind the specific goals and going towards them – goals being both urgent and important, versus urgent or important. It essentially means what you can do the best and when.

  1. Stress management:

Adapting to the stress causing factors like noise, distractions, and maintaining tranquility and working ourselves out of situations filled up with stress and pressure. Also, multi-tasking tends to increase stress levels, so paving one’s way through this also is a crucial part of stress management and work life balance.

  1. Change management:

Change is the only constant in life. Continuously adapting to new methods and then re-adapting is the key to balanced and happy professional and personal life.

  1. Technology management:

This means ensuring technology is at your disposal and to your service rather than reverse. Technology is a big and important part of today’s life and one has no choice but to keep up with its joneses, but its dependency must be controlled.

  1. Leisure management:

The most neglected but one of the most important aspect of work life balance – rest, relax and leisure. The “time off” is as important as is the working part. But too much of it can also lead to monotony. Just the right balance can help in relaxing mind and body.

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