Want a better work-life balance? – ‘Quiet Weekend’ is the Way

want a better work life balance quiet weekend is the way

want a better work life balance quiet weekend is the way

I prefer a lazy weekend over anything else. Coffee on the sofa in pyjamas. No set plans and certainly nothing strenuous involved. No alarms and a natural wake-up in the middle of the day. Give me the option of chilling and I’ll pick it every time.

Although we know of companies that provided good work-life balance and other articles. You can check them out before moving on with the quiet weekend.

We don’t talk enough about the toll of living for the weekend on our wellbeing. ‘Living for the weekend’ is becoming increasingly hard in your 20s and 30s. To compensate for the hidden overtime and urgency overload in our working weeks, we try and pack every last bit of fun we can into Saturday – which usually results in a huge energy slump and major case of the Sunday Scaries before starting work again on Monday. It is burning us out, and we are not able to cope with it.

According to Jill Cotton, a career trends expert at Glassdoor, implementing quiet weekends could be the key to achieving a better work-life balance. In order to create space for a quieter end of the week, employees front-load their work for a quiet weekend, according to her to Stylist.

It is often necessary to clear Fridays from long meetings, hard deadlines, highly collaborative activities, or tasks that cannot be completed in a single day for those with a traditional Monday-to-Friday schedule. As they begin to wind down for the weekend, Fridays are a popular choice for workers who are flexible to work from home.

Cotton says that quiet weekends aren’t about scraping by or doing the bare minimum to avoid losing your job. Quiet weekends are purposefully designed to maximize your productivity during the week while allowing you to have a great weekend as well.

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Implementing ‘quiet weekends’ into your working week

When you step into the weekend still wired from a stressful week, two days may not be enough time to decompress and switch off from your job.

“When done correctly, quiet weekends can be a clever tactic for employees to protect their work-life balance and maximize their productivity,” says Cotton.

As a result, employees can sign off fully at the end of their working week, preserving their precious days off and enabling them to return to work at their best.

However, Cotton warns against treating quiet weekends like a day off. Co-workers and your boss may question your commitment if you are uncontactable and less productive on certain days of the week.

Set up a time to speak with your boss about your needs and work together to create a schedule that works for you and your employer. Own the fact that you want a work-life balance that works for you and your employer.

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