US ‘Reds’ September With Highest Level of Migrants in 2023

us ‘reds’ september with highest level of migrants in 2023

us ‘reds’ september with highest level of migrants in 2023

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 06:39 am

The Biden administration marked September with the highest level of migrants, more than 200,000, recorded in 2023 illegally crossing the southern US border. This is the highest figure since December 2022, when border guards apprehended 222,000 migrants and a record 224,000 migrants in May 2022. 

Migrant apprehensions, as per unpublished DHS data, surpassed two million for the second time in US history, with migrant arrests in 2022 being the highest-ever at 2.2 million. Moreover, border officials processed tens of thousands of additional illegal migrants at ports of entry last month. 

The US has allowed about 1,500 prospective asylum seekers to enter the country each day at the official crossings, via an appointment through a smartphone app. 

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What Happens to the Migrants?

Do all the migrants, especially those apprehended, get to stay in the United States? The border or immigration officials provide the migrants with options, including to voluntarily go back to their respective home countries. Some are placed in a fast-track deportation process if they don’t claim asylum or fail initial humanitarian screenings. But most migrants, according to government figures, have been released from US border custody and instructed to undergo immigration court proceedings. 

The documentation process takes years to complete because of the backlog of unresolved cases, and those who lose their asylum cases are deported.

Migration Patterns

The Department of Homeland Security expects a fluctuation in migration patterns. It highlighted human traffickers and smugglers using misinformation to prey on vulnerable individuals. The department said that since early May, the US has returned or deported 250,000 migrants. “We are clear eyed, however, that there is no long-term solution to the challenges we are seeing at our border that does not involve the US Congress modernizing our hopelessly outdated immigration and asylum system.” 

Officials say the surge in migrants at the US borders illustrates the country’s ongoing struggle to reduce the unprecedented flows of unauthorized migration in recent years. This has also hit President Biden’s border strategy hard. 

The strategy includes expanding legal migration opportunities, stricter asylum rules for those who enter illegally.

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