US Customers Are Furious Over McDonald’s Child Labor 

us customers are furious over mcdonald's child labor

us customers are furious over mcdonald’s child labor

McDonald’s has a history of breaking the laws governing child labor. For instance, a San Diego location was penalized $25,000 for subjecting children to risky tasks back in 2022. As a result of investigations by the U.S. Department of Labour, multiple McDonald’s locations in Kentucky are now being charged in a new case. (And this is on top of all those court cases involving food!)

The McDonald’s restaurant chains owned by Bauer Foods LLC, Archways Richwood, and Bell Restaurant Group have all come under fire for using child labor there. One place received a fine of over $39,711 for hiring kids as young as 10 and letting them work into the night without supervision.

That eliminates the flavor of Big Mac Sauce And it appears that others share this opinion because customers are criticizing the McDonald’s Child Labor online. Details are provided below.

Sadly, businesses are still trying to avoid detection even though child labor has been illegal in the United States since 1938. There are several McDonald’s restaurants in Kentucky.

Bauer Foods LLC of Louisville, which was fined $39,711, broke one of the most shocking labor laws. This franchise owner, according to CBS, employed two 10-year-olds who were the offspring of a night manager. The children allegedly worked until two in the morning without being paid.

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It was claimed that one of the kids used kitchen tools, which is forbidden for anyone under the age of 16.

Archways Richwood and Bell Restaurant Group are two other franchise owners who are being charged with tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines as a result of infractions at McDonald’s restaurants. For allowing 242 minors to work 40 hours per week during breaks and 18 hours per week during the school year, Archways Richwood has been fined $143,466. Also permitted were dangerous tasks for the minors. Bell Restaurant Group is being sued for $29,267 after allowing 39 children to work unauthorized hours (including during the school day) and with hazardous materials.

This is just the most recent scandal to damage the reputation of McDonald’s as if the unappetizing desserts weren’t enough already. The news hasn’t gone over well with consumers.

Many people are airing their complaints in the TikTok video explaining the situation‘s comments section.

One person wrote, “America is going backward!!!”

Another person chimed in, “What our country is becoming is appalling.

Another commenter suggested that “those fines are way too low,” while another concurred that “they need much more punishment than a $200,000 fine.”

You have to ask yourself if it’s worth it sometimes, especially when you take into account the possible negative health effects those French fries can have on your body.

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