Thousands Of Ambulance Workers Stage Latest Strike Over Pay

thousands of ambulance workers stage latest strike over pay

thousands of ambulance workers stage latest strike over pay

The GMB said more than 11,000 ambulance workers will walk out in England and Wales on Monday in the long-running dispute over pay and staffing.

GMB national secretary Rachel Harrison said: “Ambulance workers across England and Wales will strike today – entirely because this Government is tin-eared.”.

It has been over a month since the Government has engaged in any meaningful dialogue. They have been silent and aren’t willing to discuss pay.

In order to stem the tide of dedicated healthcare workers leaving the profession, we must resolve the pay issue.

There is public support for ambulance workers. The government must listen to them and address pay issues as soon as possible.”

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Despite contingency measures in place, Steve Barclay said: “Strikes are in nobody’s best interests and only disrupt patients.” For us to move forward and tackle the Covid backlog, unions need to engage constructively in the pay review body process for 2023/24 and cancel strikes.

“I am committed to keeping talking to unions about what is fair and affordable for the upcoming financial year, as well as broader concerns around conditions and workload so that the NHS can become a better place to work.”

Although this is not the first case, before this such news is coming from different parts of the world, many YouTube workers have also gone on strike and a news of Asha Works from India has also come to the fore!

These should be taken care of because the rights of the workers should be protected in the high flame of inflation.

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