The World’s Best Employers 2023; Employees Are Happy

the world’s best employers 2023; employees are happy (2)

the world’s best employers 2023; employees are happy (2)

Do you know who are the world’s best employers in 2023? Employees are happy to work under these employers. In this article, let’s discuss the world’s best employers 2023 list. Employees have rated their employer based on criteria such as work-life balance, salaries, work-load, career advancement opportunities and employee diversity.  

World’s Best Employers 2023

Samsung Electronics

According to Forbes, Samsung Electronics, a South Korean multinational major appliance and consumer electronics company, is the world’s best employer in 2023. The company topped Forbes’ ‘World’s Best Employers’ list for 4th year. Employees enjoy a good work-life balance in this company. They also get great career advancement opportunities.


Microsoft, an American multinational technology corporation, is the second-best employer in the world in 2023. Microsoft was in second position on Forbes’ ‘World’s Best Employers’ list. Microsoft topped TIME’s World’s best companies of 2023. The company received an overall score of 96.46 out of the possible 100. 

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Alphabet, an American multinational technology conglomerate and the parent company of Google, is one of the best employers in the world in 2023. The company is known for prioritizing employee well-being and work-life balance. It offers flexible work hours to its employees.


Apple, an American multinational technology company, secured the no. 4 spot on the Forbes’ ‘World’s Best Employers’ 2023 list. The company is known for hiring only the best of the best in the labor market. Apple employees also get a special gift from Tim Cook after working for 10 Years. The award features the name of the honored employee who achieved a ten-year milestone.


Ferrari, an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer company based in Italy, is one of the best employers in the world in 2023. Employees have rated the company as being a nice place to work, nice working culture, nice people, and good benefits. Ferrari is hiring workers for 2024. Most hiring will take place in Italy because most workers are currently employed in Italy. 

Employees are happy at these companies. What do you think about these companies? Share your answer in the comment section below.

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