World’s Best Boss Gifts Tokyo Disney Trip To 1,200 Employees

world’s best boss gifts tokyo disney trip to 1,200 employees

world’s best boss gifts tokyo disney trip to 1,200 employees

Citadel LLC, an American market making firm and one of the largest market makers in the world, is in the limelight as Ken Griffin, the founder of Citadel LLC, has gifted Tokyo Disney Trip to 1,200 employees and their families.

Magnate Ken Griffin, the world’s best boss, wanted to celebrate the anniversaries of his investment companies. He gave this special gift to employees at six Asia Pacific offices. Employees thanked the boss for the Disney Trip. 

Tokyo Disney trip to 1,200 employees

The Tokyo Disney trip was given to 1,200 employees, including their spouses or significant others. The workers’ children were also allowed to go to Walt Disney World Tokyo, as well as Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. 

The workers enjoyed their Tokyo Disney trip free of cost. Magnate Ken Griffin also provided express passes to his employees. With the pass, they enjoyed the popular Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain rides.

The boss must have spent up to $87,336 for just one day of the trip if there were 1,200 workers with tickets. The 1,200-person trip spanned three days. The boss also covered the travel, accommodation, entertainment, ticket, food and all other expenses of the employees. During the three-day trip, employees and their loved ones enjoyed themselves in the park. 

A one-day pass to the Japanese Disneyland ranges from 7,900 yen to 10,900 yen or $52.75 to $72.78. 

Griffin, the world’s best boss, is known for spoiling his staff members with over-the-top celebrations.

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Many big companies have been providing special gifts to their employees. Recently, Apple Inc., an American multinational technology company, also provided a special gift to an employee. Apple employee got a special gift from Tim Cook for working 10 years. Apple’s special gift is given to employees who have completed ten years of service. The special award is made of metal with chamfered edges. Many employees have received this special gift from Tim Cook.

Recently, a man dubbed ‘Britain’s best boss’ treated his workers to a holiday in Spain as a massive “thank you” for their hard work. Employees at The Bridge, in Llangennech, Wales, received this special gift from owner Salvo Giannini. 

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