Google Employee Shares 5 Tips For Work-Life Balance

google employee shares 5 tips for work life balance

google employee shares 5 tips for work life balance

Google, an American multinational technology company, is best known for the perks and benefits it provides to its employees. It is one of the best-paying companies in the world. Despite conducting large-scale layoffs, the company is still popular among employees. Google’s employee leave policies also offer financial security and a healthy work-life balance to its employees.

Recently, a Google employee also shared top 5 tips for a healthy work-life balance. Taking to her LinkedIn, a female Google employee shared some career hacks for people that she “wished she knew in her 20s.” 

Top 5 tips for work-life balance


The Google employee has said that negotiation is a skill that can be learned and improved. She told workers to start improving negotiation skills by negotiating small things, like the price of a cup of coffee. Once employees have gained confidence, they can start negotiating their salaries or a raise at work.


Google employee also said that coaching is important for a career. She said that coaching can be a valuable investment for employees looking to improve their career. The employee said that a good coach can help employees identify their goals and help them in achieving work-life balance.

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Be kind to yourself

The third tip is to be kind to yourself. Google employee highlighted the importance of kindness. She said that it’s okay to make mistakes, and you must be kind to yourself. Always take the time to appreciate your hard work and learn from mistakes.

Stop comparing yourself to others

The fourth tip is to stop comparing yourself to others. You do your work with confidence and do not compare your work with others. Everyone has their “right” way of doing things.

A hobby or skill outside of work

A hobby or skill outside of work is important to achieve work-life balance. Having an outside interest after work can reduce stress. A person can also start a side hustle. For example, if employees love music, they can start taking music classes or build music production software as a side hustle.

Recently, a Google employee left job to become an Uber driver. A resident in Bengaluru, the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state, found out that his Uber-bike driver was a former Google employee. He wrote on X, previously Twitter, “My Uber Moto driver is ex-Google, moved to Bangalore 20 days ago from Hyderabad. He is just doing this to explore the city it seems.”

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