The one-company workers who never leave

the one company workers who never leave

the one company workers who never leave

Global – As the labor market has favored workers over the past two years, many workers have taken advantage of the changed employment situation by becoming runners and changing industries. However, while this group of highly mobile workers has taken away much of the talk of employment in the pandemic era, many other workers are still opting to stay in one place. Changing roles can be tempting, but factors like a strong organizational culture, clear career paths, and job security attract some employees more. And they are happy with their choice to stay in the same place where they worked for years.

According to workers and experts, there are two main reasons why employees stay in companies for life. First, some large companies are designed to develop, promote, and retain employees in a way that others don’t, meaning that ambitious employees can reach the pinnacle of their careers without ever changing jobs. In other cases, employees may prioritize financial comfort and stability, view their careers as a means to an end, and carve out a niche until retirement.

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Climbing the corporate ladder

The need to advance in life and achieve is innate, says Allan Lee, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Studies and Management at the University of Exeter Business School, UK. One company can satisfy that desire and meet the needs of ambitious workers by providing a well-defined career path and a sense of progress. “Feeling like you’re moving toward a goal is a strong motivator for staying at work,” says Lee.

Comfort and safety

Not every employee who stays with their employer for decades is bound to climb the corporate ladder steadily like Nick did. Some employees may be content with a stable position at the middle level until retirement.

Moving also comes with risks: career stability and comfort can convince employees to stay with the organization. In addition, financial practicality may mean that an organization that offers stable wage growth and retirement plans is better able to retain employees for the long term.

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