The German Skilled Immigration Act celebrates its third anniversary

the german skilled immigration act celebrates its third anniversary

the german skilled immigration act celebrates its third anniversary

The third anniversary of Germany’s Skilled Immigration program, which facilitates international skilled workers’ access to the German labour market and promotes their integration, has been marked. reports that the German Government has stated that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has an important role in providing information and improving administrative procedures.

The organization collaborates closely with the Advisory Board for Research Migration and contributes to various aspects of the immigration process, including information and advice, migration and integration, and the improvement of administrative procedures.

Earlier this year, German authorities announced that more than 60,000 visas for Skilled Immigrant Workers were issued in 2021.

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Germany announced last September that it is working on a new law that will allow skilled internationals to work in the country after only three years of living and working there.

In the recent report provided by the government of Germany, it was stressed that the changes in the law on the immigration of skilled workers planned with the draft law on the further development of skilled worker immigration this year will pose even more significant challenges, especially to the Federal Office’s consulting work for immigration-related employers and employers’ concerns.

“BAMF works together with the International Placement Office (ZAV) and the Federal Employment Agency to assist international professionals, immigrants, companies and authorities with recognition of foreign professional qualifications, entry, residence, job search, work, occupation, and language acquisition within the framework of advice on the integration of immigrants into the labour market,” the statement states.

Based on the draft law provided by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, immigration will be based on three pillars this year:

  • The pillar of skilled workers
  • Experience
  • Pillars of potential

German authorities confirmed that skilled workers are able to pursue any qualified occupation based on the pillars of skilled workers. Meanwhile, the experience pillar allows people to remain in Germany while holding professional qualifications that are recognized while employed, while the potential pillar provides opportunities for people who have not yet been employed in Germany to find employment.

Over half a million skilled workers were needed in this country from July 2021 until July 2022, according to a survey conducted by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research.

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