The domestication of the Patients Bill will lead to better quality health care delivery – FCCPC boss

the domestication of the patients bill will lead to better quality health care delivery fccpc boss

the domestication of the patients bill will lead to better quality health care delivery fccpc boss

Babatunde Irukera, Executive Vice Chairman of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), has advocated for the domestication of the Patients’ Bill of Rights (PBRs) in the nation’s healthcare systems.

It would ensure better quality healthcare delivery in the country, Irukera said.

He told journalists yesterday in Ilorin, Kwara State’s capital, after visiting public and private health facilities in the state for the domestication of the patient’s bill of rights in the facilities that domestication of patients’ rights would go a long way to instill confidence in patients.

As he said: “There are certain standards and expectations from medical practitioners, as well as obligations from patients.”

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Nowadays, people want a place where they feel welcomed and cared for, rather than where everything is upside down. I think patients should be treated far superior to what we do now.”

As noted by Irukera, PBRs are about aggregating patients’ and doctors’ rights.

According to him, many patients do not know their rights, “so there is a need for consumer education and for health care institutions to make them sign the rights and domesticate and display them.”

Patients’ rights should not be affected by complications arising from the relationship between doctors and nurses, palpable acrimony among healthcare personnel, or issues involving labor and strikes.

Patient care should be based on responsibility rather than superiority. There should be mutual respect because patients are usually the victims of acrimony, such as strike actions strung out by medical practitioners.

Thus, BRPs were introduced. Patients have the right to be treated fairly and in a dignified manner,” he explained.

In response to the remarks made by the executive vice chairman of FCCPC, the Deputy Governor of Kwara State, Mr. Deputy Governor of Kwara State, Mr. Kayode Alabi, advised the commission to aggressively campaign for effective implementation of the PBRs, adding that people on the ground should monitor their effectiveness as well, otherwise nothing could be accomplished. A shift in mindset is needed. Doctors and patients must care about their rights.

Since the state government places a high value on health care and education, Alabi pledged that it would partner with the commission.

In addition, the Chairman, of the Medical Advisory Council (CMAC), University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), Dr. Louis Odegha, said that the facility supports the PBRs in the Servicom.

Odegha said that staff at the teaching hospital had been trained on the rights of patients and that billboards and other media campaigns had been done to stimulate people.

It has to be a continuum. I also teach medical students at the 400 Level about patient rights.

The domestication of patients’ human rights here will go a long way toward instilling confidence in patients.

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