Sudan’s Eid 2023 ‘Died by gunshots, rest drink from the Nile’

sudan's eid 2023 'died by gunshots, rest drink from the nile'

sudan’s eid 2023 ‘died by gunshots, rest drink from the nile’

Sudan’s Eid 2023 was supposed to be a day of celebration, but it turned out to be one of the deadliest days in the country’s history.

When violence broke out across the nation, what should have been a time for families to get together and celebrate customary feasts and holidays descended into chaos. The events that took place on this day left a deep wound in Sudan, changing the lives of countless people forever. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into what happened in Sudan during Eid 2023 and beyond, and explore how the tragedy affected those who survived it.

A reporter said that it is a crucial time for Sudanese. People are hearing bombings in front of homes. Many families are stuck in their houses for days on end, running out of water and food.

People are collecting water from the river Nile

“Our water has been completely cut off, so we came here to collect water from the river. We are without power and in the dark. While everyone is fasting, people are really, really suffering. Even the women and kids are needed to help,” a man tells the news organization.

A woman expresses how difficult she is finding it, particularly in this 40°C heat.

“I swear to you, we have to sit outside because it’s so hot and we don’t have any water. What has this nation accomplished? Asks she. Seven days have passed since the power went out. We are complete without both power and water. People collect water; some put it in small buckets to carry away; others put it in large containers on wheeled carts to make transportation easier; these carts are frequently drawn by donkeys.

Serious Concerns Arose in Sudan

Despite stating that “the status of the water of the Nile rivers is such that no very serious contamination of water is taking place,” a 2017 report by Unicef and the Sudanese government into drinking water safety in Sudan did nevertheless warn that “the water-related health risks are rapidly increasing.”

It attributed these risks to an increase in population and economic activity along the Nile, which has one of the highest population densities in the world, as well as a lack of access to clean drinking water, sewage treatment, and agricultural drainage water.

The violence of Eid 2023

Sudan’s Eid 2023 was supposed to be a day of celebration and joy, but it turned into a violent nightmare for many. Countless people were killed, injured, or traumatized by the violence that erupted that day.

Armed groups clashed in the streets, leaving innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. As people fled for their lives, gunshots could be heard all over the city. As their loved ones suffered from violence, families fell apart.

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As more and more people got involved in the altercation, things quickly got out of hand. Buildings were set on fire, and there was extensive looting. The formerly flourishing city was now in ruins.

It is difficult to understand how anyone would have expected such an outcome for what was intended as a quiet celebration. It is even more challenging to understand how those responsible can defend their actions in light of the tragic loss or irreparable change of so many innocent lives.

Reflecting on Sudan’s Eid 2023, we are reminded how unstable peace can be in times of crisis, especially in times of political interest.

Sudan After Eid 2023 

Sudan entered a state of shock and despair following Eid 2023. Numerous people were killed, hurt, and much property was destroyed as a result of the holiday-related violence. Families are shattered as they grieve for loved ones who were killed by gunfire or choked to death by tear gas.

The government’s inadequate response to the crisis only fueled public anger and frustration. Many questioned why such violence takes place during the season of joy and celebration.

International organizations denounced the violence and demanded justice for those harmed as word of the tragedy spread around the globe. Hold those accountable, however, not much has been done.

In addition to physical injuries, survivors of witnessing or personally experiencing violence also suffered psychological effects. There was an overburden of services for trauma counseling due to the sharp increase in demand.

Three years after Eid 2023, Sudan is still struggling to recover from its crisis of humiliation, which has exacerbated tensions between various social groups. The long-term effects of this incident will continue to have an impact on Sudan’s political climate and its populace’s mental health for years to come.

Eid 2023 survivors of Sudan humanitarian crisis

The survivors of Eid 2023 in Sudan’s humanitarian crisis live with the trauma and scars of the violent event. Many were injured or lost loved ones, and many faced ongoing challenges such as displacement from their homes and communities. Despite these difficulties, some survivors have found ways to cope with their experiences, but more support is needed for those who suffer silently without access to resources and support systems.


The bloodshed during Sudan’s Eid 2023 was a sad reminder of the ongoing crisis there. Several people were killed in the incident, and even more, were left in shock and forced to flee their homes in search of safety.

Yet, amid all this devastation, there were also stories of resilience and hope. The survivors formed a group to help each other and those who were most in need. They refuse to let the presence of violence define them or their community.

To recover from this tragedy, it is crucial to keep in mind what transpired on that fateful day. The injustice experienced by the Sudanese people must continue to be brought to light, and we must work to effect change.

Awareness and advocacy efforts give hope to all those affected by the Sudan humiliation crisis so that they can find lasting peace. Together, we can build a better future for Sudan, in which everyone can celebrate Eid free from anxiety and hostility.

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