Spouse Visa Guide: US live in

spouse visa guide us live in

spouse visa guide us live in

Getting a spouse visa can be complicated and time-consuming. It is possible to navigate with help of the right information and guidance.

A spouse visa, also known as a K-3 visa, allows the spouse of a US citizen to enter the country and live together while awaiting the processing of a permanent residency (green card) application…

Here I am giving you a brief view of the eligibility requirements, application process, and life in the US on a spouse visa that can help you if you want to move forward for it.


Eligibility as a SpouseYou must be legally married to a US citizen; this is a major fact that you should keep in mind before moving in. It means marriage must be valid under the laws of the place where the marriage took place and in the immigration laws of the US.
Certify the marriage is validTo prove that the marriage was valid US citizens need to File Form I-130. US Citizenship and Immigration Services marriage certificates are required for it. A joint bank account, joint utility bill, joint lease, etc are needed for it.
meet financial needsThe US citizen spouse must also prove that they can manage the finance of a non-US citizen spouse. Form I-864 needs to submit for it. It signifies that the US citizen has an income of at least 125% of the poverty level.
Health and safety clearanceA medical examination is necessary for US citizen and non-US citizen spouses. A security and background check are also imperative for a successful process.
Processing Time and FeesThe time for spouse visas can vary due to the workload of USCIS. There are many fees are with the application process like Form I-130, and Form I-129F. Before applying for a Spouse Visa know about the processing time and fees.
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Collect all the required documentBefore applying for a spouse visa a couple must collect all the required documents which are needed for the processing. Collect form I-130- is the main factor.
InterviewWhen the form I-130 gets approved, an interview at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate will be scheduled for the foreign national spouses. It will be conducted by a consular officer to assess the genuineness of the marriage and the eligibility of the foreign national for a visa.
Wait till the Decision comesOnce the interview gets over, you must wait for a decision on the visa application. Processing times for spouse visas are not fixed is fully depend on the workload of the US Embassy or Consulate.
appeals and exemptionsIf a citizen’s visa application is denied, people can appeal the decision or request a waiver. It will depend on the many circumstances of the case.
US on Spouse Visa live inOnce you obtain a spousal visa, you can move to the US and live with your US-citizen spouse. Remember you must apply for a green card for maintaining legal status while in the US. The spouse of a US citizen will also be able to work and study here.
work and travel restrictionsPersons with Spouse Visa can come to the US for work and travel. There are few restrictions on their ability to work depending on the visa type. It is important to maintain valid visa status.
Maintain legal statusTo maintain it spouses should maintain all terms and conditions of their visas. A green card and time-to-time updation are necessary to live freely.
Wanting  a Permanent ResidenceIf you live with a spouse visa in the US for a few years, then you are eligible for permanent residency. It is known as a green card.
Do you want to invite the kids and other family members here?“follow to join” or “derivative status.” These are some of the procedures by which a person on a spouse visa can bring their children and other family members to the US. Though the process can be time taking and complicated you can bring your family once it did.
US Resources for Living SpousesThere are many resources available for you. Immigrant attorneys, community organizations, and government agencies are here to help and support you.
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So, in the end, let me tell you that getting a spouse visa can be complicated if you don’t know the process, think twice before going ahead with the process by contacting agencies. Once your application has been verified and you have been granted a visa, you can safely come to the United States.

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