Silencing Truth: How Brute Violence Became Egypt’s Response to Dissent

silencing truth how brute violence became egypt’s response to dissent

silencing truth how brute violence became egypt’s response to dissent

Brazen violence has increasingly become the government’s go-to response in Egypt in recent years, which is a disturbing trend. Under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s rule, free expression and independent media are being increasingly repressed, as seen in the case of journalist Karim Assaad from Matsadaash. To shed insight into the larger context of human rights abuses and the degrading of democratic values in Egypt, this paper analyzes the worrying turn towards repression and violence against people striving to tell the truth.


A group of highly armed men, some wearing police uniforms, attacked Karim Assaad’s home on August 18, 2023, forcing the devoted journalist and fact-checker to endure a terrifying ordeal. Assaad and his family were treated brutally, which is a symptom of a bigger problem: the normalization of state-sanctioned violence as a way to quell protests and suppress critics of the administration. The incident took place in an environment where critical voices, particularly those in the media, often face threats and retaliation.

State-Controlled Media

The government has systematically manipulated, bought, or forced Egypt’s major media under the leadership of President al-Sisi. Because of the media’s increased clout, the government is now able to stifle any dissenting voices and shape narratives to suit its purposes. For citizens seeking unbiased and factual information, independent platforms like Matsadaash have become necessary. They offer a critical counterpoint to official narratives.

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Rab’a Mass Killings and a Culture of Impunity

The horrific Rab’a mass killings on August 14, 2013, were a watershed moment in recent Egyptian history. The violent response of the government to a peaceful sit in revealed a climate of impunity in which the perpetrators of the atrocity received promotions and rewards, while survivors were detained or sent into exile. This incident serves as a somber reminder of Egypt’s deteriorating human rights and rule of law record.

The Erosion of Democratic Principles

The administration of Al-Sisi justifies its actions, such as extrajudicial executions and mass arrests, under the pretext of “protecting the homeland.” To justify wrongdoings and undermine fundamental morals and human rights, the phrase “homeland” has been misused. Egypt has thus descended into a state where the rule of law and basic rights are forsaken in the name of preserving order and security.

The terrifying incident that Karim Assaad went through serves as a sobering reminder of the broad attack on press freedom and free expression in Egypt. The world must pay immediate attention to the deadly trend of the normalization of violence against reporters, activists, and ordinary people who attempt to reveal the truth. Egypt’s progress towards a more equitable and democratic society is doubtful unless this pattern of security force abuses and lawlessness is addressed.

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