Online training adopted by Thailand organizations to promote labour and human rights at workplace

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(CPF) have collaborated to embrace an online training platform in a quest to promote labour and human rights at the workplace.

The Labour Protection Network Foundation (LPN) and Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. (CPF) have collaborated to embrace an online training platform in a quest to promote labour and human rights at the workplace. LPN Director Mr. Sompong Srakaew said that 2020 is the third year of collaboration between LPN and CPF. Till now the “Labour Voices Hotline by LPN” has been an independently-run consultation and complaint platform. It also offers training to Thai workers as well as migrant workers on human rights.

Srakaew said, “CPF’s workers are equipped with knowledge of labour laws, safety and occupational rules and the Company’s best practices. To conform with the Company’s strict safety and epidemic-prevention measures in the production lines, LPN this year carries out its tasks through online training and dormitory visits. The off-hour Focus Group conversations outside the workplace encourage workers to express their opinions and raise questions on life adjustments and cultural differences.  LPN also hosts training for migrant workers in the country of origin: once each in Cambodia and Myanmar.”

“At pre-employment training prior to the start of their service, workers are fed fundamental information on the workplace, living conditions in Thailand, their rights and welfare. All migrant workers are also introduced to “Labour Voice by LPN”,” he elaborated.

“Labour Voices Hotline by LPN” platform is a prototype collaboration which acts between the private sector and civil society. They treat workers as extended family and promote their coexistence by helping them understand the value of work commitments and better life quality. This is aimed at assuring global consumers that the products are coming from a supply chain network that come from a supply chain that honors international labour standards.  

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