More than 17 Killed In “Deadliest” Anti-Government Protests In Peru

more than 17 killed in deadliest anti government protests in peru

more than 17 killed in deadliest anti government protests in peru

Peru: In southern Peru, around 17 people were killed in conflicts with the police. The human rights office of the country said this a very deadliest day in the nation. The protests were demanding early elections and the release of jailed Ex-President Pedro Castillo.

Puno Health Ministry officer Henry Rebaza told the state TV channel that rights were broke out in Juliaca. It is a town on the shores of Lake Titicaca in the southern part of Peru in the Puno region. 68 people were injured in this clash and 2 teenagers died in that clash. Ismael Cornejo, Puno’s regional health director, told local radio station RPP that some of the bodies had bullet wounds.

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The government was in denial about these protests and public discontent but in fact, it was serving 18 months in pre-trial detention on charges of insurrection. The new government of Peru has banned ex-Bolivian President Evo Morales from entering the Peruvian region as the answer to the protest. It is a response to Morales’ support for Pedro Castillo.

The protests started in December and at that time  39 people were killed and many others injured. Peru’s human rights office, known as the Office of the Ombudsman, urged police to use force to prevent protesters from attacking property or setting up road blocks, and to follow international standards for investigating deaths. has invoked. Have urged to avoid, which may hinder the movement of ambulances. , Morales has also claimed the government of Dina Boluaart of human rights violations. The government had targeted the protesters which were showing support to the ex-president.

So, this is a topic where world should show concern , the human rights of civilians are getting suppressed there.

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