Microchip Giant Qualcomm To Lay Off 1,258 Workers; Details Inside

microchip giant qualcomm to lay off 1,258 workers; details inside

microchip giant qualcomm to lay off 1,258 workers; details inside

Qualcomm, an American multinational semiconductor company, is set to lay off more than 1200 workers in California, United States. Many departments of the company will be impacted by the upcoming layoffs. The layoff will take place by the end of this year. 

This comes a month after Qualcomm announced a major deal with Apple Company to provide 5G chips by 2026. The Chief Financial Officer of the company has said that Qualcomm has taken proactive measures to cut costs. 

Qualcomm layoffs

According to a filing with the California Employment Development Department, Qualcomm will lay off 1258 workers in California starting from 13 December. 

On Wednesday, the company submitted documents — called WARN notices after the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act — which mandates employers give 60 days notice to employees before laying them off. 

Earlier this year, the microchip giant laid off 415 workers from San Diego city and 84 workers from the Bay Area. 

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Who all are at risk?

The company will fire 194 workers in the Bay Area. Qualcomm will lay off 1,064 in San Diego. Every employee is facing risk from engineers to legal counsel to human resources. The layoff will impact several high-ranking executives, HR team and hundreds of engineers.

The company will fire more than 150 engineers in Santa Clara, California. Business analysts, assistants and product managers will be laid off in San Diego, a city in California. Shockingly, 8 San Diego-based vice presidents will also be laid off from the company. The layoffs will begin from 13 December.

Layoff 2023

Layoff 2023 are still continuing across the world. Recently, Flexport, an American multinational supply chain management company, Juniper Networks, software and cloud services company, Ford Motor Company, an American multinational automobile company, General Motors, an American multinational automotive manufacturing company, Wells Fargo, an American multinational financial services company, also announced that they would layoff thousands of employees soon. 

Amazon has also announced layoff for its global communications team. Amazon layoff will affect around 5 percent of the workforce in the global communications team.

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