Layoff 2023: Ford, Flexport, Juniper Networks to layoff thousands

layoff 2023 ford, flexport, juniper networks to layoff thousands

layoff 2023 ford, flexport, juniper networks to layoff thousands

Layoff is still continuing across the world, with thousands of employees losing their jobs. In this article, we will track the upcoming layoff 2023. Thousands of employees will be impacted because of layoff. 

Flexport, an American multinational supply chain management company, has planned to layoff 30% of its workers. Juniper Networks, software and cloud services company, has planned to layoff more than 400 employees. Many other companies have also planned to lay off workers.

Do you want to know more about these companies? Read this article to know the upcoming layoff trends. 

Which companies plan to layoff employees? 

Flexport layoff

Flexport will lay off more than 1000 employees. The layoff will take place by the end of this month. It would be a major reduction at Flexport. The company has adopted a major series of cost cutting strategies. Earlier this year, the company laid off about 20% of its global workforce.

Juniper Networks layoff

Juniper Networks has announced plans for layoff in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. The company will lay off around 440 employees. The company has adopted a restructuring plan for “long-term growth” of the company.

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Ford layoff

Ford Motor Company, an American multinational automobile company, has planned to lay off 400 employees at two facilities in Michigan. Earlier, the company laid off 330 employees at facilities in Chicago and Lima. The company linked the layoffs to UAW’s strike.

Qualtrics layoff

Qualtrics an American experience management company based in Seattle, Washington, and Utah is set to lay off 15% of its workforce, or 780 employees. The layoff will affect 26 company offices.

General Motors layoff

General Motors, an American multinational automotive manufacturing company, will lay off 130 employees in Ohio. Another 34 employees will also be laid off at a facility in Indiana. Earlier, the company fired 2000 employees.

Wells Fargo layoff

Wells Fargo, an American multinational financial services company, is set to lay off 525 employees in Columbia, South Carolina. Last month, the company laid off more than 100 employees. 

Thousands of employees will be affected because of these layoffs. 

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