Melbourne The Largest City in Australia-Surpassed Sydney!

melbourne the largest city in australia surpassed sydney

melbourne the largest city in australia surpassed sydney

Following a boundary change, Melbourne has surpassed Sydney as the most populous city in Australia for the first time since the 19th-century gold rush.

The honour has been proudly held by Sydney for more than a century.
However, due to the rapidly increasing population on Melbourne’s periphery, Melton has been added to the city’s boundaries.

Melbourne Surpassed Sydney !

According to the most recent government estimates from June 2021, Melbourne has 4,875,400 people, which is 18,700 more than Sydney.
The “significant urban area” of a city is defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) as all connecting suburbs with a population of more than 10,000.

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Sydney Morning Herald reported that the redrawn boundary was “a technicality” and that Melbourne now has more residents than Sydney as a result of the amalgamation of Melton into Melbourne in the most recent population classification.
Proud Sydney residents will cite the ABS’s finding that, when comparing the greater Sydney and Melbourne regions in June 2021, Sydney remained larger.
Greater regions of a city, according to the ABS, take into account its “functional area” and include people who frequent or work in the city but may reside in nearby small towns and rural areas.

Greater Melbourne, however, is expected to surpass Greater Sydney in 2031-32, according to the federal government.
According to demographer Liz Allen of the Australian National University, migration from abroad has played a significant role in Melbourne’s rapid growth.
Dr. Allen observed that Melbourne has a reputation for embracing diversity, in contrast to Sydney, which has a “historical hangover” from a time when “it didn’t want to be seen as anything other than white.”
It is also a desirable place for immigrants to settle because it offers educational and employment opportunities on par with Sydney while historically being less expensive than the harbourside city.
Melbourne has previously held the distinction of being Australia’s largest city.

Melbourne grew quickly and surpassed Sydney in population until 1905 as a result of the gold rush that occurred in the late 19th century and caused a migration of people to the state of Victoria.

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