Living in the Shadows: The Unseen Struggle of Over 70,000 Undocumented Residents in Australia

living in the shadows the unseen struggle of over 70000 undocumented residents in australia

living in the shadows the unseen struggle of over 70000 undocumented residents in australia

Last updated on January 16th, 2024 at 07:52 am

In the midst of Australian Cities a Hidden Community of more than 70,000 Undocumented individuals Exemplified by Shan, Grapples with Vulnerability to Exploitation and an Uncertain Future. Shan’s Narrative Unravels the intricacies of an immigration System that often leaves individuals Stranded Struggling to fully integrate or Contribute.

Shan’s aspirations Began with the Dream of Studying Abroad, a Golden Opportunity he Seized to Escape the Challenges of Post-9/11 Pakistan. However, the harsh Reality in Australia Proved more Challenging than anticipated resulting in the Cancellation of his student visa due to academic difficulties. Instead of returning to Pakistan, Shan chose the shadows, leading an illicit life in Sydney for five years Navigating odd jobs and relying on his Resilience to endure.

The Department of Home Affairs Estimates that over 70,000 People reside in Australia Unlawfully many arriving on Student or Visitor Visas. Principal Solicitor Joshua Strutt Underscores the Precarious Situations These individuals Face  Lacking Stable Housing Struggling for Sustenance and living in Constant fear of Exposure. While bridging visas offer temporary Relief, some, like Shan, find themselves Trapped in legal limbo for Extended Periods.

Undocumented Workers, Fearing Deportation become easy Targets for Exploitation. Laurie Berg an Academic at the University of Technology Sydney Highlights Unscrupulous Employers Capitalizing on their Vulnerable Status, Sidestepping Australian Labor Laws. The Australian Border Force’s Efforts to Combat Migrant Worker Exploitation Underscore the Pervasive Challenges faced by Undocumented Workers, Emphasizing the Urgent need for Comprehensive legal Reforms.

As the Australian Government Contemplates changes to Occupational Health and Safety laws and Workers’ Compensation, it becomes imperative to extend Protections to undocumented Workers. The Proposed measures, if Enacted, Could bring these individuals out of the Shadows and ensure their Rights are Safeguarded.

Australia Stands at a Critical juncture in addressing the Predicament of Undocumented Residents. As the Government explores avenues to Decriminalize illegal work and Protect workers Seeking justice the Nation Confronts the Pressing need to Establish a fair and Humane System for those living on the Fringes.

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