Human Rights Watch Exposes Worsening Situation of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Under Taliban Rule

human rights watch exposes worsening situation of womens rights in afghanistan under taliban rule

human rights watch exposes worsening situation of womens rights in afghanistan under taliban rule

In Afghanistan, there’s a big problem with the Taliban restricting basic rights, especially for women. A new report from Human Rights Watch talks about this serious situation. In  this report it shows that the Taliban is making it even difficult  for women to have their rights.

During 2023, the Taliban did more things to take away people’s rights and even committed war crimes. The boss of Human Rights Watch, Tirana Hassan, is telling countries they need to keep their promises to protect people’s rights.

Human Rights Watch Report

The report says something really sad. In this report there is sad news. In Afghanistan, girls can’t go to school for studies.  According to the news Afghanistan is the only  country where this is happening. This is a big problem which women are facing.

In the report  there is also mention how the Taliban is making life difficult for women. They are not allowed to go to school, stopping them from protesting, arresting women who speak up for their rights and even hurting them and their families. Because of this, many women lost their jobs.

Human Rights Watch is saying we need to help Afghanistan with important things like money and supplies because a lot of people there are struggling.

In the report there is  also mention of other issues. How the Taliban is controlling what people can say in front of the media and arresting journalists. The reasons why many people in Afghanistan are poor are because the Taliban is in charge, there are international punishments and there’s been no rain for many years.

Even though the Taliban said they would be nicer to women when they took control in 2021, they are doing the opposite. They  made strict rules for women, and even closed down beauty salons.

Taliban action 2023

The Taliban’s actions in 2023 included the suppression of female protestors, arbitrary detentions of women activists, mysterious disappearances from detention, and the tormenting of these women and their families.

Financial problem

Stopping women from working not only took away jobs from many Afghan women, but it also made the country’s money problems even worse. Human Rights Watch is saying that Afghanistan needs quick help from others because almost two-thirds of the people there are really struggling because of money issues.

In this report they mention big problems women are facing and how the government is making life hard for regular people. They’re also controlling what news people can hear and arresting journalists who try to tell the truth. The main reasons Afghanistan is becoming poorer are because the Taliban is in charge, other countries are punishing them, and there hasn’t been enough rain for many years. It’s a tough situation, and they need help soon.

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