List Of 2023 Tech Layoffs; Who All Are At Risk?

list of 2023 tech layoffs; who all are at risk

list of 2023 tech layoffs; who all are at risk

The tech industry has witnessed major layoffs this year. Big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta and Zoom have laid off thousands of employees. More than 240,000 job cuts have taken place in 2023. 

Layoff tsunami affected 7,331 employees in the tech industry in October. Around 4,632 employees were laid off in September, 9,545 employees were laid off in August, 10,589 employees were laid off in July, 10,958 employees were laid off in June, 14,928 employees were laid off in May, and 20,014 employees were laid off in April. In March, layoff affected 37,823 employees. In February, layoff affected 40,021 employees. Nearly 89,554 employees were laid off in January.

November 2023 layoff


Chewy, an American online retailer of pet food, laid off more than 200 employees on 14 November. Employees at the HR, recruiting, data, and business intelligence department lost their jobs. Plus directors and higher managers were also laid off.


Pico Global Services Ltd. will lay off nearly hundred employees. The layoff will take place by the end of November. Three people with direct knowledge of the matter have confirmed about the upcoming layoff.


Amazon layoff affected 180 employees in the gaming division on 14 November. VP Christoph Hartmann wrote in an email to employees about the layoffs on November 13. Amazon started the employee layoffs on Monday.

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Cruise, an American self-driving car company, laid off contingent workers on 9 November. Employees who clean, charge and service the robotaxis, as well as customer service workers were laid off.


Google, an American multinational technology company, laid off employees from consumer support staff and Google Users & Products department. The layoffs took place on 8 November. In October, Google laid off around 40 employees from its Google News division.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat, a Los Angeles–based producer of plant-based meat substitutes, fired around 19% of its non-production employees on 6 November. Last year, the company laid off around 240 employees in multiple rounds of cuts.


Niu Technologies, an electric scooter company, laid off about 10% of its workforce on 3 November, citing “fierce competition.” 

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