Lebanon agrees to conduct free PCR tests on Sri Lankans waiting to be expatriated – Sri Lankan Embassy

government of Lebanon has agreed to conduct free PCR tests for Sri Lankans

Sri Lankan Embassy to Lebanon confirmed that the Government of Lebanon has agreed to perform PCR tests

Sri Lankan Embassy to Lebanon confirmed that the Government of Lebanon has agreed to perform PCR tests free of cost on stranded Sri Lankan citizens so that they can be repatriated to their country. Ministry of Foreign Relations confirmed this news.

On June 1, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Lebanon Shani Calyaneratne Karunaratne discussed the situation of Sri Lankan citizens repatriation with Lebanese Minister of Labor, Madame Lamia Yammine.

The Ambassador and Minister had discussions regarding the current situation of COVID-19 spread and Sri Lankan migrant workers stranded in the country facing economic crisis and non-availability of work opportunities for daily wage migrants, and their health issues.

Ambassador put forward the request of conducting free of cost PCR Tests by Lebanon government for Sri Lankan migrants so that the embassy can make arrangements for expatriating them.

In a response to this request, Minister Madame Yammine has asked to provide a list of names that has already been submitted to the Directorate of General Security or Immigration Department to help for exit visa clearance. Minister has also asked for the intervention by Labor Ministry to exempt any penalties.

On June 1, there was announcement by the Lebanon government to cut the PCR test price from US$ 100 to US$20 for Sri Lankan migrants. Subsequently, on June 4 the Labor Ministry of Lebanon waived off the US$ 20 for test thereby providing free PCR tests to migrants as per the talks with Sri Lankan Embassy to Lebanon.

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