Kentucky lawmaker Said on transgender son’s suicide

kentucky lawmaker said on transgender son’s suicide

kentucky lawmaker said on transgender son’s suicide

At a hearing in 2015, Henri Berg-Brousseau appeared before Kentucky lawmakers about a proposed transgender bathroom bill. He also closed her testimony with an introduction only. In that introduction he said, You already know a transgender child if you know me, Henry. I will feel the honor to work with you and educate you on issues of trans.

The 16 years Berg-Brousseau was asking members of the state Senate’s education committee to vote against a bill. The bill was about transgender students using a unisex bathroom or a bathroom that matches the gender on their birth certificates. 

Berg-Brousseau was saying creating a special restroom directly implies that we are different. Though this failed in the house.

Brusseauo’s mother, Karen Berg, said on Friday that – Brusseauo was a warrior. He was trying to educate society about trans people. I don’t think anyone can do this.

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Brousseau was holding the weight of the country!

After his death -a Kentucky state senator and a radiologist, Berg said that the hate building across the country weighed on Brousseau. He also encourages people for tolerance and grace.

During an interview, the mother said about her son’s death that politicians and anti-LGBTQ groups need to understand this on a very personal level, or else there is nothing anyone can do for trans people. Henry was trying to make a better world for many children and now I am trying to do the same by coming out in public.

Berg-Brousseau made his mission in life, he was fighting for the rights of gay, and transgender people. He was a founding member of a chapter of Delta Lambda Phi, at George Washington University. He joined as deputy secretary at the Human Rights Campaigns. He was not looser but the weight of work just killed him.

Violence against transgender, gay Americans have risen sharply in recent years. Last month, 5 people were killed at an LGBTQ club, two of them were transgender and one was gay.

Looking back, it is known that in 2022, 344 bills were introduced. More than 25 bills are trans-centric and they have come to power in 13 states. But there was a survey of 34,000 people aged 13 to 24 and it said that 1 in 5 transgender and nonbinary people between this age had attempted suicide.

Delphine Luneau, until recently a senior press secretary, and she is a manager at the Human Rights Campaign, we’re dedicated to the Brosseau work. Although she is feeling the pain of his death. He also said that at the age of 24 when we talk about one’s achievement it becomes very easy to just talk! Because we have lived for more than a hundred years, we cannot achieve half of what Bruso achieved in just 24 years.

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