Israeli woman is a hero for killing terrorists and saving people

israeli woman is a hero for killing terrorists and saving people

israeli woman is a hero for killing terrorists and saving people

A 25-year-old Israeli woman is hailed as a hero for killing terrorists and saving people amid the Israel-Hamas war. Her bravery saved many innocent lives from terrorists.

She fought against two dozen Hamas fighters in southern areas of Israel. She saved an entire kibbutz from them. The Israeli woman killed those Hamas fighters, including five she slaughtered herself. She did not fear the fighters and protected the kibbutz. 

Who is she?

Inbar Lieberman is a 25 year old Israeli woman. She is the security coordinator of Kibbutz Nir Am. The head of security at Kibbutz Nir Am has always fought against enemies to save the entire kibbutz. 

On Saturday, she heard explosions when Hamas fighters launched their unprecedented attack on Israel. Subsequently, she led a 12-person security team on the kibbutz — located near Sderot and a stone’s throw from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – to fight against Hamas fighters.

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Inbar Lieberman is a hero

Inbar Lieberman is a hero for Israeli women. On Saturday, she killed five terrorists by herself. Her team killed 20 other Hamas fighters. The official account of Israel on social media platform X, previously Twitter, lauded Lieberman for her efforts. Israel said on platform X that “the entire kibbutz was saved” because of Lieberman.

Israel wrote on platform X, “This young woman who was the head of Kibbutz Nir-Am security, quickly gathered all the women and children to safe spaces and deployed kibbutz members to defend against Hamas terrorists.”

Many Israeli women cheered for her. With her bravery and strategies, she saved the entire kibbutz. She caught the gunmen off guard and saved people.

Violence against women

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas fighters has increased violence against women in the Jewish state. Hamas terrorists have kidnapped civilians, including women and children. In a huge blow to women’s rights, a German woman was paraded naked by Hamas fighters in a truck amid the conflict. The German woman was identified as tattoo artist Shani Louk who went to Israel for traveling. Many women had already been taken hostage by the Hamas fighters.

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