Migrant mothers in New York find hope amid tough challenges

migrant mothers in new york find hope amid tough challenges

migrant mothers in new york find hope amid tough challenges

Over the past few years, more than 100,000 migrants from all over the world have come to New York City (NYC) in the United States. They have faced various challenges but continued to live a decent life in New York City in New York State.

Many pregnant women also arrived in NYC with hope to live a happy life. Migrant mothers sought shelter in New York City. One of the biggest concerns faced by migrant mothers was the lack of prenatal care. 

Many pregnant migrant women were staying in now city-designated emergency shelters on the Upper West Side in NYC. Migrant mothers traveled thousands of miles to seek asylum in NYC.

Problems faced by migrants mothers

Migrant mothers faced various challenges in NYC. When they arrived in the city, they were worried about the food available for their families in the shelters. They had no access to work and were relying on help from the migrant shelters. 

They said that they received food like pasta and salad, which was not appropriate for young children. They said that infants needed food like instant cereal but it was not available at the migrant facility. 

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Pregnant migrant women were sent to The Women’s Health Medical Center at Bellevue Hospital, part of New York’s Health + Hospitals, to get treatment during their pregnancy. However, the hospital did not have enough prenatal care facilities for pregnant women. The medical center had a lack of prenatal care for the new arrivals.

Hope amid challenges

The pregnant migrant women received good care from the medical staff. They found hope amid tough challenges in NYC. 

Migrant mothers also received help from state and federal food assistance programs. They used food banks, which were easier to access. 

Health + Hospitals also provided emotional support to pregnant migrant women. The medical professionals also helped women who experienced trauma. After their babies were born, aid groups helped mothers with food, clothing, new toys, first aid and diapers.

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