Indonesian Protection Law safeguards the rights of migrant laborers

indonesian protection law

indonesian protection law

Last updated on December 19th, 2022 at 12:33 pm

Ida Fauziyah of the Ministry of Manpower remarked that Law No. 18/ 2017 on protection for migrant workers provides the government’s comprehensive protection and assurance of every right of Indonesian migrant employees from the start to the finish of their employment duration.

“Protection stipulated by the legislation has highlighted the government’s responsibility and diminished the private sector’s participation in the placement and protection of migrant workers,” she stated at an event conducted in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on Sunday to commemorate International Migrant Day 2022.

In addition, she praised the migrant workers for their contributions to foreign exchange profits that are beneficial to the nation’s growth.

Additionally, they contribute to the economies of the nations in which they are employed. Therefore, the government must continue to strengthen the placement and protection of migrant workers, so that they are properly safeguarded before, during, and after employment, and difficulties are avoided.

The protection strives to secure the realization of human rights; to safeguard the legal, economic, and social elements of migratory workers and their families as a whole.

She remarked that the legislation itself compelled the government to safeguard migrant labor beginning at the village level.

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“Children of migrant workers and retired migrant employees have the same rights, particularly when it comes to receiving an appropriate education. It is appropriate for their family and the surrounding community to assist and advise them in pursuing their ambitions,” She commented.

Because, in actuality, individuals recruited to become migrant workers are villagers, village leaders must be aware of their inhabitants who move overseas to work and guarantee they depart in compliance with regulations.

This is one of the ways in which Law No. 18/2017 deviates from previous rules.

She advised local governments to be vigilant of situations affecting migrant workers presently. Fauziyah said that the Village is in the forefront of protecting migrant workers from unscrupulous individuals who lure them with cash and other items.

“I anticipate that there are no instances of village leaders interfering with migrant labor or acting as brokers. As the primary source of safety before and after work, the village must be sensitive to the concerns of migrant workers,” She stated.

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