Illinois Gov. Signs Broader Abortion Protections Into Pritzker Law

illinois gov. signs broader abortion protections into pritzker law

illinois gov. signs broader abortion protections into pritzker law

Governor of Illinois JB Pritzker signed the reproductive rights and gender confirmation care omnibus bill named – HB4664. The bill protects patients and healthcare providers from legal attacks from neighboring countries and expands healthcare access and options regionwide.

The bill protects thousands of them who have traveled to Illinois to receive essential reproductive health care, which is now restricted in their home states.

JB Pritzker. The governor of the state stated in his statement, “Here in Illinois, we hold certain ideals: abortion is health care. A medical decision should be made between a patient and their doctor, no one else”.

He also added that I made a promise and now this bill is fulfilling that promise. Illinois would remain a ray of hope and a place for reproductive justice for all who seek it. The bill would protect reproductive and gender-affirming rights in the Midwest.

Kelly Cassidy declared the law in front of lawmakers and advocates at the Pritzker’s Chicago news conference.

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This bill will put our state before a nation to give people the freedom to decide their lives- Villanueva said

Planned Parenthood of Illinois has to ask for treatment from 33 states, compared with 10 to 15 before the ruling. Mary Jane Maharry a spokesperson said that the majority of 30% of people who ask for precautions are from outside the region of Illinois.

By the High Court order, Illinois lawmakers and advocacy groups call a special legislative session to strengthen Illinois’ defenses. On Tuesday, Pritzker signed legislation that outlaws abortion and other top priorities, including a ban on semiautomatic weapons. It will protect healthcare providers and patients from any extra penalties.

You may know that the Supreme Court left it up to the states to legalize abortion in their June verdict.

So, IL law wants to protect abortion seekers from criminal penalties even from outside of the state region.

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