How to implement meeting free days at your company

how to implement meeting free days at your company

how to implement meeting free days at your company

Global Balancing work meetings and focus time is a challenge, especially for companies operating in a purely digital environment.

All-day availability for virtual meetings can seriously hinder employee productivity and lead to burnout issues.

What is the solution to this difficult meeting dilemma? Free meeting days.

What is a day without meetings?

A day without meetings is not so difficult. Many companies that use non-meeting days decide to nominate on the same day each week for no meetings or breaks. Employees set aside a specific day in their calendars to focus on tasks and projects that require their full attention.

What are the benefits of meeting free days?

Unsure if off-day meetings are right for your business? Check out these three benefits.

Boost team morale

The introduction of meeting-free days is often a well-received concept, as most workers find relief from facing exhaustion. One meeting-free day a week is great for boosting team morale as it gives your team space to be productive.

Productivity increase

A no-meeting business policy keeps your employees fully focused on tasks and works to eliminate multitasking (which we all know is a productivity killer).

Level up meetings

If you have a company-wide policy of holding only necessary meetings, the meetings that do happen are often a much more productive use of time.

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How to implement meeting-free days


First, communicate your intention to your employees so that everyone is on the same wavelength. Explain why you want to introduce no-meeting days and listen to any objections people may have.

Calendar Audit

Now is the time to decide which appointments are really needed while you shake up the routine. The last thing you want is for people to add appointments to already busy days.

Hygiene meeting

To ensure that the rest of your team’s workweek is not impacted by the new holiday schedule, it’s helpful to implement routine hygiene practices.


Implementing meeting-free days is an easier task with the right technology stack. Using software to consolidate work communications makes it easier to go days without meetings. The Small Business PBX system is ideal for bringing all communications together on one platform.

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