How can social recognition boost employee retention and happiness

how can social recognition boost employee retention and happiness

how can social recognition boost employee retention and happiness

Do you know that social recognition at the workplace improves employee retention and boosts their happiness? Employees want to be recognized for their hard work. 

Recently, Workhuman and Gallup conducted a joint survey to highlight how social recognition can boost employee retention and happiness. According to the survey, employees are 68 per cent less likely to experience burnout when they feel connected to their culture at the workplace.

How can social recognition boost employee retention and happiness

Workers receiving social recognition at their workplace improves their engagement at work. A recent joint survey by Workhuman and Gallup reveals that they are 3.7x more likely to be engaged with their work and 55% less likely to seek a new job. 

Social recognition empowers employees. Social recognition creates a psychologically safe and uplifting culture at the workplace. When an employer shows gratitude to the employees, it increases their feelings of happiness and satisfaction at the workplace.

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What is social recognition

Social recognition is defined as an act wherein employees acknowledge one another for great work. In the workplace, employees publicly demonstrate appreciation and gratitude for one another. 

When employees feel seen and heard, they put in extra effort into their job. The positive feedback by employers enhances their feelings of value and work-life balance.

Social recognition boost employee retention and happiness

Gratitude must be expressed regularly in the corporate world to increase employee retention and happiness. When employees are frequently given social recognition, it increases their engagement and boosts worker happiness. 

Employees tend to leave their job if the environment is toxic. Employers should offer a healthy environment to their employees. After a long meeting, managers should encourage their employees to take a break before returning to work. The managers should appreciate them for their work. Employees want to feel valued in the workplace. It will increase their engagement at work, support workplace well-being, reduce burnout, and improve employee engagement. Workplace safety, good pay, work-life balance, and a good environment impact employee well-being. Empowering workers with skills and abilities can also help to take care of their wellbeing.

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