HCL Tech To Hire 5,000 Workers; Who Is Eligible?

hcl tech to hire 5,000 workers; who is eligible

hcl tech to hire 5,000 workers; who is eligible

There’s great news for freshers who are looking for a job in the IT sector. HCL Technologies, India’s third-largest IT services company, is set to hire more than 5,000 workers. The hiring will take place in the next half of the ongoing financial year ending in March. Prateek Aggarwal, HCLTech’s Chief Financial Officer, said that the company already hired 5,000 individuals. Another 5,000 employees will be hired soon, resulting in a total of 10,000 new hires.

In the financial year 2022-23, HCL Technologies hired around 2,7000 employees. This year, tech companies have reduced the number of hiring because of inflation.

When will HCL Tech hire 5,000 workers?

HCL Tech will start hiring 5,000 workers soon. The hiring will begin in the next half of the ongoing financial year. By March 2024, 5,000 workers will be hired by the company. HCL Tech will hire freshers and experienced professionals. 

HCL Tech already has more than 223400 employees across 60 countries. The hiring will take place in India and in other countries. 

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Who is eligible?

Both freshers and experienced people are eligible for the job. The company will provide full-time placement opportunities to freshers through campus drive. The company will also hire experienced Engineers. HCL Tech will also hire workers for the customer service department. If you have experience in customer service, marketing, sales, technology and AI, there is a huge chance that you will get hired.

HCL Tech recruitment process

HCL Tech recruitment process is divided into 5 stages: Application, Shortlisting, Technical interview, HR Interview, and Offer roll-out. 

A candidate needs to submit a CV and application to HCL Tech. If they are shortlisted, the HR team will call them. They will give technical interviews to the seniors. If selected, they need to give an HR interview to the HR team. After the successful completion of all the steps, the offer letter will be rolled out to them. 

Various other companies are also set to hire workers. Amazon is hiring 15000 workers in the UK for the upcoming holiday season. The company will also increase base pay for its frontline operations workers.

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