Hamas posts video of kidnapped Israeli woman; She pleads for release

hamas posts video of kidnapped israeli woman; she pleads for release

hamas posts video of kidnapped israeli woman; she pleads for release

Amid the conflict between Hamas fighters and Israeli forces, Palestinian militant outfit Hamas has shared a video on its Telegram handle of an Israeli woman taken hostage during the October 7 attacks.

Hamas’ military wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades shared the video of a 21-year-old French-Israeli citizen Miya Shem or Maya Sham. In a video, she was pleading for her release. She urged the authorities to bring her home as soon as possible to her family. 

Women rights activists are demanding her release. They have slammed Hamas fighters for kidnapping women, girls, and children.

Who is Miya Shem?

Miya Shem or Maya Sham is among the 200-250 abductees taken hostage by the Hamas fighters. Earlier this month, she was kidnapped from the Supernova Music Festival by Hamas militants. 

She is a daughter of Karen Shem. Last week, Karen Shem expressed her concerns and fear for her missing daughter. She said that her daughter disappeared after Hamas militants attacked the Supernova Music Festival in Israel on October 7, 2023.

Miya Shem or Maya Sham has a sister and two brothers. She hails from Sderot, a small Israeli city near the Gaza border. In a video shared by Hamas, she pleaded to be reunited with her family and her siblings.

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What happened to the kidnapped Israeli woman?

The Israeli woman taken hostage during the October 7 attacks said that she wanted to reunite with her family in Israel. In a video, her arms were bandaged up because she suffered intense injuries. She revealed that Hamas fighters operated on her injured hand at a hospital in Gaza. She also said that Hamas militants took care of her. She underwent a three-hour surgery for her injury.

On 7 October, she was attending the Supernova Sukkot Music Festival on Kibbutz Re’im. Hamas attacked the gathering and kidnapped at least 260 people, including Miya Shem.

Israel Defense Forces have reached out to her family and are in touch with them.

Violence against women

The ongoing conflict has also increased violence against women. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas raped various women. Women were also taken hostage and paraded down the streets of Gaza. A German woman was paraded naked by Hamas in a truck. In a viral video, Hamas fighters were seen spitting on her. She was identified as tattoo artist Shani Louk. 

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