UK Workers Are Using AI For Better Work-Life Balance

uk workers are using ai for better work life balance

uk workers are using ai for better work life balance

The workers in the United Kingdom (UK) are taking help of artificial intelligence (AI) for better work-life balance, according to a recent research.

Nearly half of UK workers are using generative AI at least once a week to free up more time away from work. UK workers have said that AI increased their productivity by outsourcing repetitive and time-consuming tasks to chat bots. 

Accenture, a business management consultant company, conducted a survey on 2,002 UK employees in office-based and remote roles. The research was conducted between 29 August and 1 September. The research suggested that AI helped UK workers in adopting work-life balance.

How can AI promote work-life balance?

According to the survey, 30% of UK employees said that they want to free-up time to increase their focus on life outside work. AI efficiency helped UK workers with their work-life balance. 

Over a quarter of surveyed workers said that AI gave them quality work in fewer hours. AI also helped workers in operational processes and data analysis. 

According to a different research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AI increased employees’ productivity, especially in writing or administrative tasks.

The research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also found that people aged 18 to 24 used AI the most, while people aged 55 and over had been using the AI at least once a week.

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How can AI benefit UK workers?

AI can help UK workers by promoting collaboration among the employees, employers, industry, stakeholders, and the public. AI is already helping various sectors in the UK, including logistics, human resource, ed-tech, cybersecurity, and customer service.

AI can help to summarize financial reports and offer valuable insights to employees and employers. AI can also help protect IT systems in cybersecurity.

When UK workers install software or applications in their system, artificial intelligence (AI) helps in tasks that would otherwise require human beings, such as learning, reasoning, solving problems, making decisions, generating reports and natural language processing.

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