Guide to keep aircraft maintenance technicians safe after fatal Boeing turbine accident

Guide to keep aircraft maintenance technicians safe after fatal Boeing turbine accident.

Aircraft maintenance workers fix planes to keep them flying safely. But their job can be dangerous. This guide explains how to keep these important workers safe.

Workers need to learn the right way to do their job. This means:

– How to fix different parts of planes

– How to stay safe while working

– How to turn off machines before fixing them

– How to handle dangerous chemicals

New workers should learn from experienced workers. Bosses should watch workers to make sure they’re being safe.

Tragic Accident at Iranian Airport

A strong incident occurred at an airport in Iran on July 3. An airplane mechanic by the name of Abolfazi Amiri was working on a Boeing Passenger airplane when he died. He was performing a check-up on the plane’s engine as usual. While working, Mr. Amiri left a device close to the engine and when he remembered the tool, he got close to it. Unfortunately, he tried to get closer to the running engine, and the engine sucked him in. This led to a fire outbreak in the engine part of the car. The fatal disaster took place at Chabahar Konarak airport in southern Iran. It is a reality check of how lethal it can be to work with huge machines.

Provide Safety Gear

Workers need special clothes and equipment to stay safe. This includes:

– Safety glasses to protect eyes

– Gloves to protect hands

– Hard hats to protect heads

– Masks to help breathe safely

– Earplugs to protect hearing

– Bosses should make sure workers always wear this safety gear.

– The work area should be Clean and Organized

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A messy work area can be dangerous. To keep things safe:

– Have a special place for tools

– Label all tools clearly

– Clean up spills right away

– Keep cords neat and out of the way

– Look for dangers often

Make Safety Rules

There should be rules for every job. These rules should say how to:

– Turn off machines safely

– Handle dangerous chemicals

– Work up high

– Work in small spaces

– Prevent fires

All workers should know these rules. Bosses should make sure everyone follows them.

By following these tips, aircraft maintenance workers can do their important job more safely.

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