Top 5 corporate trends shaping work culture in 2024

Top 5 corporate trends shaping work culture in 2024

In 2023, business leaders and organisations continued to contend with major shifts affecting the workplace including the inflation on both employer and employee budgets. This year in 2024, research has identified 5 trends that are shaping the work culture in corporations. Let’s explore these trends.

Rage Applying

Rage applying occurs when employees apply for various jobs and vacancies after getting fed up in their current jobs. It can lead to the employee giving resignation and increase the turnover rates. The employees may be motivated to rage apply if they are overlooked for a promotion at work, or are underpaid or underappreciated for the work they do.

According to stats, employees are likely to rage apply at a rate of 14% increasing the rate by 200% than last year.

Shift Shock

This occurs when an employee finds out that his or her work is different from what he or she was told about before joining in the interview process. This leads to hopelessness and an increase in chances of job hop. In a research, 72% of employees in USA in 2022 said that they have faced Shift Shock. Also 40 percent of the employees would switch to other jobs in 4 to 6 months. 

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Dry Promotion

Dry Promotion means when an employee is promoted on a post but is not financially given any extra increase in salary and bonuses. There is obviously a new job title, adding a bit of prestige but with no increase in pay. 

Career Cushioning

People in the corporates who do not want to lose their jobs protect themselves by various ways such as networking, actively applying for new jobs, updating profiles and CVs in job sites. These things are known as career cushioning.

Bare Minimum Mondays

Going into work with a relaxed approach to ease out stress in the mind is known as bare minimum mondays. Marisa Jo Mayes coined the term in 2022 on TikTok.

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