Boeing Faces Massive Fine for Deadly Crashes

Boeing Faces Massive Fine for Deadly Crashes

Boeing Faces Massive Fine for Deadly Crashes

There have been two previous tragic crashes involving Boeing’s 737 Max plane, which killed many families, and these families are seeking fierce intervention against the plane maker. Earlier this week, on Wednesday, they accused Boeing of performing the deadliest corporate crime in U.S. history and the U.S. Justice Department should fine Boeing $24 billion.

The several devastating crashes that happened in Indonesia in 2018 and in Ethiopia in March 2019 took the lives of 346 innocent individuals. After the death of the family members, the grieving families penned a letter to the Justice Department to join the civil matter and seek criminal charges against Boeing that meted out the maximum fine that amounted to $24 billion in case the company was convicted at trial.

Violated Agreement with Government 

Just last month, the Justice Department disclosed that the recent safety failures of Boeing company fell in its immunity deal of 2021; the deal stated that the company would not face prosecution over the 737 Max crashes. The 2021 deal also let Boeing avoid sanctions by exactly paying fines and altering its business.

Although a door had fallen off a 737 Max plane in January after takeoff, this was a clear indication that Boeing still has some serious flaws as far as safety is concerned. It now falls upon the Justice Department to determine the extent to which they want to penalize Boeing for violating the terms of the 2021 deal.

Families Demand Criminal Charges

The victims’ families also know that they specifically received a 32-page letter where they pleaded to the Justice Department to join a criminal complaint against Boeing and to file the case before a jury. They want those high-ranking Boeing officers such as former chief executive officer Dennis Muilenburg to be prosecuted for personal criminal acts as well.

The letter further stated that you must act fast because the clock in criminal lawyers for filing charges may run out. It also demanded an independent monitor to supervise Boeing on the firm’s safety in the future.

Boeing Denies Wrongdoing

However, while the Justice Department has declared that the aerospace giant monopolized bidding by unlawfully colluding to eliminate competition in commercial aviation, Boeing has not yet admitted to breaching the 2021 agreement to date. In its response, the company said it has been very much willing to give an account of its stance especially when it has been questioned.

Speaking at a Senate hearing this week, the current Boeing company leader Dave Calhoun has made several apologies to the families of those who perished in the company’s plane crashes and stated that Boeing is ‘not perfect at all. ’ But at the same time, he affirmed that the company is trying as hard as it can to regain the public’s trust.

Enormous Financial Toll

Families of the victims floated a $24 billion fine they want Boeing to pay: that amount would be far below the almost $32 billion of Boeing’s revenues lost since 2019 because of the 737 Max and the related damages.

However, it would still be a whopping financial loss of another $2 they never envisaged as they prepared for the IPO. 5 billion Boeing already paid in the 2021 settlement; It is crucial to note that most of the compensation offered went to airlines and not actual victims.

With criminal charges potentially in the pipeline as well, now, more than ever, Boeing has a hard task in front of it to steer clear of their biggest crisis and try to rebuild the company’s image as a safe aviation giant once again.

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